Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles: Childlike Innocence Event!

Want the New Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles? Here is the brand new event with a Mi-a-themed theme is called A Tower of Fantasy Childlike Innocence Event. In order to take part in Tower of Fantasy event, users must acquire unique cash and trade it in for rewards.

Along with the Vera 2.0 upgrade, a brand-new, short-lived event will appear in which we will get Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles. For this simple exchange event, players must collect Bubbles in Tower Of Fantasy in order to swap them for a range of gifts.

There will be six full days of the event. The event’s infantile purity also pertains to the Mi-a companion, but the benefits pertain to the girl. You must first complete the all tutorial chapters in order to take part in this Tower of Fantasy event that honours childhood innocence. After that, you may access the event and get Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles tab in and start playing right away.

How To Enter The Event To Get Bubbles In Tower Of Fantasy, Childlike Innocence Event?

Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles

To get the Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles participants in the event must have progressed through the instructional chapter of a game to the point when the Rewards Store is unlocked. Furthermore, you must accept Mi-Quick a’s Chat Voice Pack before you can purchase her Special Voice Pack from the rewards store.

You can find this in the email that Hotta Studio sent you. To participate, please follow these instructions to access the event page: ALT > Gift Icon > Themed Events (bottom tab).

The special rewards store, where you can exchange currency earned during the event for incentives, is also accessible from this screen. Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles, the game’s currency, can be obtained by carrying out tasks like:

  1. 10 Bubbles, 10 Bounty Missions.
  2. Raids 20 bubbles on the Hard level, 10 on the Normal level.
  3. Opening Boss Chests, which yield 15 bubbles for purple and 2 bubbles for blue.
  4. 20 Bubbles, Void Rift
  5. Frontier Clash, five bubbles for easy mode and ten for hard.
  6. Joint Operations, ten bubbles in each chest.

Things To Keep In Mind To Get Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles:-

Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles

Players are only permitted to receive a certain amount of Bubbles each day, and this amount builds up over time. The player is allowed to get 400 bundles in day first and can get upto 1600 bundles.

Players can earn up to 2000 Bubbles in total just on fifth day of limited event, which is the most that can be amassed by them. Keep in mind that at 5:00 the daily cap amount is updated.

Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles In Childlike Innocence Event Rewards:-

To earn some wonderful cosmetics and Bubbles in Tower of Fantasy, start taking part in the event as well as collecting the bubbles. A newbie and player who has only begun the game will be able to quickly win it because these infantile innocence event tasks in Tower of Fantasy are so simple.

The Tower Of Fantasy Bubbles Rewards for the Childlike Innocence event. In the Limited Order portion of the Reward Store, players can acquire and trade a variety of rewards, including:

  • x3 Red Nucleus
  • Chip I for Joint Supply, x3.
  • Glowing Glasses.
  • Avatar frame for Naughty Trails.
  • Avatar Frame of the Floating Paradise.
  • Voice Pack for Children’s Day from Mi-s.
  • Box of elemental ore shards.
  • Twenty SR Relic Shard Boxes.
  • Grayspace Scriptures require a Wanderer Level of 74 or above.

You may easily get all of these Childlike Innocence event Bubbles, which are offered to everyone Tower of Fantasy travellers but also rovers, by visiting the temporary reward store area page.

The Mi-a voice pack may only be obtained by accepting the email from the Hotta Studio team that offers it. You can already take full advantage of the this brand-new Tower of Fantasy event, which is available to all players and fans until November 22nd, 2022. That concludes the most recent, brief Childlike Innocence promotion for Tower of Fantasy.

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