Lin Banner Tower Of Fantasy: Best All Time!

Lin Banner Tower Of Fantasy is here in the game. It will be possible to tell which characters will be making their screen debuts and which fan favorites will be making a welcome return to the gacha system from the Tower of Fantasy Lin banners that will be made available soon.

A few of the characters and also how frequently they would change are already known to us due to the anime game’s lengthy history in China. For the biggest upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners, red nuclei are required, which are much more scarce than the other nucleus currencies.

If you want to buy red nuclei, the ‘HOT’ shop is the best option. You must set aside 1,500 Dark Crystals to purchase a ten-stack of Special Orders because each Red Nucleus costs 150 Dark Crystals. In this post, we will see about the Lin Banner In Tower Of Fantasy and how to get the banner. Let’s start our post.

What Is Lin Banner Tower Of Fantasy?

lin banner in tower Of Fantasy

Many leakers believe Tower Of Fantasy Lin Banner will become the next limited Simulacrum to also be published, follows Saki Fuwa’s limited banner, based only on the CN version as well as the leaks.

This prediction is primarily supported by the fact that Lin Banner Tower Of Fantasy appears on the official advertising art alongside Ruby & Saki Fuwa, two characters who have already had their banners made available in the most recent 2.0 patch.

Tower Of Fantasy Lin Banners has an aberration element and is a DPS. She’ll be the initial Aberration weapon to also be made available on the Global Server. Her matrices only improve attack and increase her damage.

How To Get Lin Banner In Tower Of Fantasy?

The Lin Banners tower of FantasyCurrently unavailable in Global Version, Lin and Shadow Weaver will most likely be available through with a limited banner the Red Nucleus will pull for her.

lin banner tower Of Fantasy

Stats Of Lin Banner In Tower Of Fantasy:-

Currently, the CN version for Tower of Fantasy is the only place where Altered is a special element. Lin is the sole simulacrum who is in possession of a weapon with the Aberration element, however little more is known about it. In Tower of Fantasy, Lin is often a Simulacrum who has not yet achieved worldwide release.

The Upcoming Banners Including Lin Banner In Tower Of Fantasy:-

The upcoming cast for upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners is shown here.

  • Lin banner
  • Lyra banner
  • Tian Lang banner
  • Annabella banner
  • Alyss banner
  • Umi banner

Inside the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy, a number of collaborative activities with other simulacra, such as Baiyuekui and Marc, are also presented. We haven’t included Hotta Studio’s banners in the above list because they have now confirmed that it’s doubtful that we’ll see collaboration simulacra inside the international edition due to copyright constraints.

Which Is The Current Banner In Tower Of Fantasy?

The banner for the current Tower of Fantasy event, which also includes banners for Saki Fuwa’s Dynamic Mindfulness weapon and Heartwalker matrices, features Saki Fuwa. It runs from November 10 until December 2, 2022.

The probable odds for both Saki Fuwa event banners and the standard Choice Weapons or Choice Matrices banner are the same. The additional restriction is that you have a 50% chance of receiving the Saki Fuwa SSR weapon or matrix from the appropriate limited banners.

This is all about the lin banner in tower Of Fantasy and how to get it. Just follow the steps and you will get the banner. If you like our post then follow Gaming Acharya for more interesting articles like this. And if you have any queries then please feel free to contact us.

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