Apex Legends New Legend Scryer – Release Date, Ability, Gameplay 

The new Apex Legends New Legend Scryer abilities, class and gameplay have been leaked. Apex Legends has always been known for its new legends apart from the incredible weapons. Right now there’s a leaked rumor on Apex Legends new legend Scryer release date, abilities and gameplay.

Respawn Entertainment brings out new legends to Apex Legends through any patch updates or through the new season. Right now a couple of Apex Legends new legends have been leaked with their abilities and skills, the scryer from Apex Legends is the latest to the same.

As of now the scryer is going to be released in the near future of Apex Legends and there are also possibilities that the scryer legend not getting released in to the game too. But however the abilities, gameplay, and the new leaks of Scryer in Apex Legends make it a potential release in the game sooner.

Apex Legends New Legend Scryer – Release Date, Ability, Gameplay

Apex Legends New Legend Scryer

First let us have a look at the gameplay and traits of the Scryer Legend from Apex Legends, check out every thing about the scryer from Apex Legends here.

  • The Scryer is basically going to be the haunting stalker that observes each and every thing during the battles
  • Scryer’s basic strength in Apex Legends is going to be his trap abilities as Scryer can set a trap and deceive the other enemies in the game
  • Scryer is said to be a recon legend in the game and will also be a Titan from Apex Legend after the Ash legendary legend character

Scryer Abilities in Apex Legends – Check it Here

Scryer legend from Apex Legends is going to be the next Titan release and here are its skills and abilities in the game.

  • Ultimate: Shadow Wall – this skill allows Scryer to bring out darkness which will never allow enemies to see him
  • Passive : Spectator – this is an incredible skill for the scryer legend as it can easily spectate the killers and enemies likewise can do optic haunt automatically too
  • Tactical: Optic Haunt is another unique skill for the Apex Legends Scryer champion as it can unleash a trap that’s based on the parasite

More About the Apex Legends New Legend Scryer & Release Date

Apex Legends New Legend Scryer

As currently, the team of Respawn Entertainment has been working on the abilities and gameplay for the scryer legend on Apex Legends, there are no certain release dates or tentative date for the scryer legend to release.

Once the global and official release date for Scryer in Apex Legends gets revealed from Respawn Entertainment, it shall be updated here too at our GA. Also a point to be noted that the scryer may or may not get released as the legend of

The Scryer is going to be one of the best Titans from Apex Legends and everyone is going to be amazed by his incredible stats and abilities in the game once Apex Legends Scryer is released and goes live on to the game.


Apex Legends new legend Scryer guide and leaks from gaming acharya is done now. As all the leaks, release date updates, abilities, and skills of the Scryer Legend from Apex Legends are shared at our GA here.

Stay tuned for more leaks about Apex Legends New Legend Scryer from our end. Once we get the scryer release date and more leaks from Apex Legends, it will be posted here.

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