Free Fire FFWS Fight as One Event 2022 – All Details

FFWS Fight as one Event is one of the exciting Free Fire Max event with a lot of pets and rewards. The FFWS fight as one offers various in-game challenges to all the Garena Free Fire Max players to play for. Here’s all about the FFWS fight as one event date, rewards and challenges to all the Free Fire players.

FFWS generally means Free Fire World Series which is a highly popular e-Sports tournament and event that takes place every year. And the FFWS 2022 event for all the Free Fire gamers has already begun with lots of new features.

This FFWS event in Bangkok is a huge one and right now Garena Free Fire has decided to promote this with new events and rewards as even they have released the FFWS 2022 calendar schedule with rewards and updates.

Free Fire FFWS Fight as One Event 2022 – All Details 

Free Fire FFWS Fight as One

The FFWS 2022 calendar event has several new events and challenges which are here for all the Free Fire Max users.

Dragon Awaken FFWS Event

The Dragon Awaken event had already started on Garena FF Max from 17 Nov and it’s expected to happen till Dec 1, 2022. In the Dragon Awaken event you may well earn the Pet Skins, Arvon Pet, Firemyth Skins and a lot more avatars here too.

The Arvon Pet is completely free for all the Free Fire Max players but yet you must finish several challenges in it. You can get the FFWS shield tokens from this event by playing on the Clash Squad, Lone Wolf and the Battle Royale Free Fire gaming modes too easily.

You should finish the challenges of this Dragon Awaken event and get over 100 shield tokens to unlock all the pets and the Arvon Pet Skins too.

The daily missions, Esports missions, after match drop missions are available in this section tab. Finish these events and collect all the shield tokens to awaken the dragon from the FFWS event.

List of All Dragon Awaken Event Rewards in Free Fire Max 2022  

Free Fire FFWS Fight as One

Here is the complete list of other rewards for the Fight as One Free Fire Max event 2022,

  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  •  FFWS League Deck Crate
  •  Sky of Stars banner
  •  FFWS League Deck Crate
  • Drachen Myth Avatar FFWS League Deck Crate
  • Pet skins for Firemyth Arvon
  •  FFWS League Deck Crate
  • Arvon pet
  •  FFWS League Deck Crate

Other Events of FFWS in Free Fire Max 

  • The card collection event is another interior one from the FFWS 2022 which offers you with the free gloo wall navy star sea and the other league deck cards.
  • Next is the pick and win event from the FFWS with a grand prize.
  • Next is the eliminate event for this fight as one FFWS, defeat and eliminate the enemies to get the Surfboard Navy starsea.
  • The peak day login event with daily challenges rewards you with the Grenade Navy Starsea skins.

Travel, Play, Help Up are the other major and final challenges from the Free Fire Max FFWS: Fight As One special interface event for 2022. You will hey Van Navy Starsea skin, backpack skin, Lootbox and FFWS Lobby plant from these new FFWS fight as one event which is going to be exciting for all the Free Fire Max gamers and players.


FFWS Fight as One Event article guide from Gaming Acharya is done. All details of this new Free Fire Max fight as one FFWS event have been given with the rewards and events exclusive details here.

Stay tuned with GA for more FFWS fight as one event news and exclusive contents which will be provided soon to all the Free Fire Max Indian fans and players officially.

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