COD Mobile Stadium: How To Complete The Challange?

COD Mobile Stadium is the new trending topic, in which many players are searching. How to complete the challenge. Call Of Duty Mobile’s third birthday, The new material and goods for the third anniversary. Mobile Call of Duty Despite the fact that Activision intended to celebrate during a season where we could make it feel unique and special, Call of Duty Mobile’s third anniversary technically has already gone.

In which we have to complete the COD Mobile Stadium challenge. The developer will be celebrating in a variety of various ways both in-game and outside of the game, in addition to all the new content that S10 provides and which is itself honouring our anniversary. In this post we will see all about the Where Is the Stadium in COD Mobile and how to Complete Stadium In COD Mobile Challange.

More About the Event And COD Mobile Stadium In Detail:-

COD Mobile Stadium

In this paragraph we will see all about the new season and what us all about. Call of Duty Mobile will soon release items and content celebrating its third anniversary. We won’t reveal too much about the in-game stuff to avoid giving anything away, but we have a number of easter eggs in Battle Royale to honour three years of Call of Duty Mobile and three years of this wonderful Community. Thank you notes from our devs and influencers, wonderful birthday cakes stuffed with treats, and more could all be found in BR.

The Stadium In COD Mobile is in 3rd Anniversary Letter Event and UAC vs. ATLAS Corporation Themed. Events are two additional ways we are commemorating our third anniversary for S10. By locating the secret letter from our devs and influencers in BR, you can advance through the 3rd Anniversary Letter-Themed Event and receive the goodies.

Where Is The COD Mobile Stadium And How To Complete It?

The following steps is how to complete to Stadium In COD Mobile Challenge, just follow the steps.

  • Start the game by clicking the map and isolating it.
  • Step foot on the soccer field.
  • Then arrive at the stadium right away.
  • After arriving at the stadium, the game can begin.
  • Finish the mission by landing three times in the COD Mobile stadium.
  • If you don’t want to land three times, you can also kill five enemies there.

Related: COD Mobile Upcoming Events In Season 10:-

landing three times in the COD Mobile stadium

Above we get to know, to comy the COD Mobile Stadium Challenge, in this we will see upcoming events in season 10. Garena has stated that Season 10 will feature the new LAPA weapon. It is an effective mid-range SMG with a fair damage output as well as fire rate.

The ATLAS airship and new inspection animation will also be added to BR Isolated, according to reports. Additionally, a brand-new mythical character named Spectre 13 will emerge in the game.

In time for the holiday season, a brand-new multiplayer map called Crossroads Strike will also be released. It is covered in snow and ice. The new operator skill Ballista, which is available for free with the battle pass, is another option.

Your opponents will be unable to hide from you because to this operator skill’s capacity to shoot through walls. Check out the patch notes for COD Mobile Season 10 to see the whole list.

Final Words:-

This is what we know about the season 10 and COD Mobile Stadium. If you like our post please follow Gaming Acharya and comment if you have any queries. The upgrade will come with new maps, modes, awards with an anniversary theme, events, and much more.

There will also soon be such a new battle pass for the game that will let you level up for goodies including operator, camos, perks, and a lot more. Numerous bug fixes or changes to the balance of the weapons will also be performed in order to enhance gameplay.

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