Rocket League Whiplash Challenges: Unlock & Complete!

The Octane Brings you the Rocket League Whiplash Challenges. Beyond Sovereign Heights and into islands far from the Soccar Arena, Octane is moving quickly. Meanwhile Whiplash Challenges Of Rocket League, which debuts today both in Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe as a component of High Octane.

The Rocket League Whiplash Challenges becomes a playable battlecar in Sideswipe and Rocket League after completing the same missions, along with updated wheels and four decals. This reward is obviously the most desired for Rocket League players, including myself, who might have just fitted Fortnite for the very first time in a long time. This approach will expedite these tasks, allowing you to quickly flip reset with Whiplash.

What Is The Rocket League Whiplash Challenges?

Rocket League Whiplash Challenges

Do you wish to improve the whip you have in your garage? Look no further Whiplash Challenges In Rocket League is the best vehicle for your forthcoming battle. Complete High Octane Quests between now and December 3 to receive a range of items for Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe.

Eight out of the twelve objectives must be successfully completed in order to receive Rocket League Whiplash Challenges, the set with Whiplash Wheels, and four recognisable Whiplash Decals: Flames, Stripes, Wings, or Lightning. I don’t know where to begin. Start completing Quests on Rocket League Live island.

How To Unlock Rocket League Whiplash Challenges?

You must complete four community-made minigames in addition to three High Octane quests in Fortnite’s Battle Royale modes in order to unlock the Rocket League Whiplash Challenges. There are eleven High Octane quests in total.

The good news would be that the High Octane tasks are rather simple, and even as a rookie Fortnite player, I was able to finish them within a half-hour or so. I kept to the minigame challenges so I wouldn’t have to spend extra time looking for an Octane in the Battle Royale mode.

Quest To Complete In Rocket League Whiplash Challenges:

Rocket League Whiplash Challenges

To load into to the lobby for the first minigame, pick the playlist using playlist selector mostly on the main Fortnite menu, depending on the type of controller you are using. Scroll down until you see the High Octane Quests playlist, as seen below.

Rocket League Live

When you step upon the Freestyle portal, a walled space with floating hoops will appear. Once you’ve entered the arena, spin around to find a tiny red hoops hanging in the air. Of the 250 points required to finish the Rocket League Live objectives, 20 are awarded for passing through this hoop.

  • Earn 250 points at RL Live.
  • Earn 100 points at RL Live.

Rocketeer Ruins

To make progress on the quest, all players need to do is pass through each hardpoint; a big overhead arrow directs them in that direction.

  • Collect 8 coins.
  • Reach each Hardpoint at Rocketeer Ruins.

Octane Race

Simply enter the minigame a private lobby would do just fine board an Octane to begin the race, and then use your Rocket League prowess to complete two laps.

  • Complete a lap in less than 2 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • Complete two laps.

Octanes vs Snipers

I’m reminded of Halo Forge’s earlier days by this minigame. Half of the players in lobby are Octanes, and the other half were armed pedestrians on the a platform. The fact that the both teams are making every effort to defeat another should not come as a surprise.

  • Deal 600 damage as a Sniper.
  • Eliminate a Sniper opponent as an Octane.

Rewards To Get In Rocket League Whiplash Challenges:-

You’ll be able to unlock the Rocket League Whiplash Challenges for Sideswipe and Rocket League after finishing the aforementioned missions, along with four new decals and a new set of wheels.

If your Rocket League and Epic Games accounts are linked properly, Whiplash should be available the next time you launch either game. Double-check that you successfully completed each quest if you don’t see the pop-up. If not, allow the servers a few hours to provide your stuff.

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