Path to Nowhere New S Sinners Serpent 2022

AISNO Games created Path to Nowhere, a role-playing game. Path to Nowhere New S Sinners Serpent tells the story of a boss in the Minos Department of Crisis Control who is assigned to battle ruthless criminals to safeguard the city named DisCity, and that means “rise above damnation.” Previously, this city had become the world’s most prosperous and vibrant metropolis.

This game features continuous pinnacle defense interactivity, so you will position your characters, known as sinners, and afterward battle the criminals from that position based on their reach. Relax, we’ll assist you by giving our Path to Nowhere Level List of all Sinners in the game.

Path to Nowhere New S Sinners Serpent

Path to Nowhere New S Sinners Serpent

This Path to Nowhere Tier List should only be used as a guide, as different methods and compositions might result in varied outcomes for players. This tier list is separated into S, A, and B categories.

  • S Tier: This tier features exceptionally powerful sinners serpent, as seen by the distinctiveness of their talent and their contribution to the team; it is strongly advised to utilize the character.
  • A Tier: This level has genuinely strong sinners serpent, yet not as strong as level S, because of the talents it possesses being very common.
  • B Tier: Sinners serpent in this tier are pretty unimpressive because their talents have little influence on the squad or formation during battle. However, once you enhance the character, it is still worthwhile to play.

Best Path to Nowhere New S Sinners Serpent

Path to Nowhere New S Sinners Serpent

As of November 2022, the following team composition contains a balance of classes and roles like as Tanker, Damager, and Support, as well as the majority of advantage stats and skills in Path to Nowhere.

Tank Sinners: The tanker here is responsible for deflecting opposing strikes. Sinner Evil spirit is suggested for this job because statistics show that he outperforms different sinners serpent in terms of defense, such as Wellbeing Points, Defense, and Resistance. Furthermore, he can frame a cone as a shield against his allies. In terms of survival, this is energetically suggested.

Sinners of Damage: The damager is in charge of inflicting damage in either damage per second or explosively. First, we propose Demon Nox, who has AoE or Area of Effect talents and is highly useful while battling numerous foes at once. Nox also has a passive that decreases all enemies’ protection by 15%.

Baiyi is the second best sinner in terms of DPS. Furthermore, this Baiyi has key core damage or Red Sign, which is really helpful because you already have a sinner with key core damage in your composition. Eirene, the third person, possesses mysterious abilities. Eirene is exceptionally strong because it has a skill that slows foe development by half when hit by a dark opening.

Support Sinners: Support is responsible for assisting the team by attacking, healing, or applying buffs and debuffs. The first one we propose is Langley, a sinner with a Reticle class, which means it has the longest attack range among other classes, which is great since you can position it in the far rear and still target foes far away.

Langley can also generate an explosion when an adversary dies, inflicting damage on nearby adversaries. The second is Hamel, a sinner who can heal his comrades in a 33-square-mile radius. This is especially useful when facing more powerful monsters, because the ally’s HP will undoubtedly decline, but Hamel can restore the ally’s blood.

Path to Nowhere New S Sinners Serpent: To Conclude

That’s all about Path to Nowhere New S Sinners Serpent 2022, if you don’t have some of the above sinners, you can replace them with other sinners. By exploring each sinner, you will find the right composition. In addition, you need to adjust the positions of each sinner so that they can synergize well.

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