Heartsteel League Of Legends: Why You Are Getting Banned!

Players are getting permanently banned for purchasing the brand-new tank item Heartsteel League Of Legends. which is presently available inside the PBE for League of Legends. This is a really strange situation because it has never happened in the game for fans to be banned for purchasing an item.

The only method to avoid the permaban, for now, is to avoid purchasing Heartsteel LOL because Riot Games has not yet offered a remedy for this issue. Players are understandably upset about the situation because a bug like this is harmful to the game. Players claim that item is so potent that simply purchasing it can result in their ban.

What Is Heartsteel League Of Legends?

Heartsteel League Of Legends

League Of Legends Heartsteel, the most recent tank item, is getting players permanently banned on League of Legends’ PBE for utilising it, as was previously revealed. It turns out, though, that other people are also being blacklisted in addition to the user. Everybody in the team of person who purchases Heartsteel LOL will be banned if there is any other player. Despite the fact that Riot Games still has not taken any action, this is undoubtedly a concern.

The brand-new item Heartsteel League Of Legends gives the champion wielding it both a permanent health increase and a damage boost. Additionally, it is rather simple to operate, and gamers have expressed dissatisfaction with how overtuned it is.

However, Reddit is where the problem of being blacklisted for purchasing the item first surfaced. Even though the notice stated that they were prohibited because they were using third-party software when playing League of Legends, one player claimed they were actually banned.

Players Are Getting Banned Due To Heartsteel League Of Legends?

Heartsteel League Of Legends

Players are getting banned due to League of Legends Heartsteel. According to a debate on the official PBE thread for League of Legends, several players who have been test the Season 13 pre-season update have been kicked out of the game without explanation.

Other players who experienced PBE bans have shared their stories in the thread for the this post. They have been attempting to determine whether there is a connection between their collective bans.

However, once content producer Ross Boomsocks was also permanently banned from the PBE, a number of others who had previously been permabanned came together to investigate what might be going on. After doing some study, the involved parties have come to the conclusion that Heartsteel LOL is its cause of the issue.

What Is The Reason Heartsteel LOL Banned?

The players who were banned all either bought the item of Heartsteel LOL themselves, played with or against someone who did, or both. Riot has not yet acknowledged whether or not it’s the actual problem, although it is difficult to miss the correlation in this case.

In a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel of Ross discussed his experience getting suspended in more depth along with the knowledge that individuals he is playing with were being kicked from the server for tampering with the item.

However, the notice stated that it’s for utilising a third-party programme. Players of League of Legends have thus discovered a recurring trend whereby merely purchasing the League Of Legends Heartsteel item results in bans.

Hopefully, the problem will be resolved in the upcoming days, but Riot Games has been utterly mute about the whole thing, leaving some to wonder if the company is even aware of the problem.

League of Legends bugs are nothing new, at competitions like Worlds 2022, even professional players experience them. Being banned for purchasing an Heartsteel LOL item, though, is certainly a new low in terms of problems, and unless resolved.

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