Goddess of Victory NIKKE P2W Event, F2P or P2W?

Have you all taken part in the NIKKE P2W Event? The hard stages of Goddess of Victory NIKKE with stages 1-2, 1-3, and 1-100 are back and many are even confused about the Nikke P2W and F2P events for now. Letss see all about the Nikke p2w stages and power requirements here at our GA.

And the power requirements for P2W events of Nikke is also expected to be above 45,000 and that’s why most of the NIKKE gamers love to play in the f2p events here. Also the hardest stage of the P2W events of Nikke requires 46,0000 Battle Power for the 1-10 stages.

What’s funny is that the whales of Goddess of Victory NIKKE will only hold a power of 32,000 at max, and players of Nikke require 46k Power requirements for the hard level stages of this new P2W events. Here’s all about the NIKKE P2W event, F2P event and more updates at our ga.

NIKKE P2W Event – All Details

Goddess of Victory NIKKE P2W Event

Right now the P2W event in Nikke is causing huge chaos to the players, as many Nikke users say that event the hardest p2w event challenges of Nikke can be completed with just 41,000 power or 42k battle power at max for the hard 1-10 missions with a god level team rooster.

But the whales in f2p events of Nikke are with more than 50k power and players were also able to complete the f2p hard stages of Nikke 1-10 stages too.

And many Nikke players are totally shocked and angry with the game’s p2w event asking over 46,000 battle power requirements as many Nikke players feel even that 25k or 30k battle power are enough for Nikke P2W event challenges for both normal and hard levels as of now.

And the f2p nikke gamers have completed both the hard and medium level challenges with just over 31k or 32k battle power requirements that too easily. Stay tuned for more updates of Nikke p2w events and f2p hard stage challenges of Nikke here from our GA end.

More On NIKKE P2W and F2P Events 

But on the other hand players of Goddess of Victory NIKKE are even confused and having doubts over whether the Nikke game is f2p friendly or completely Nikke is moving towards p2w as the recent Nikke p2w events are shocking for all the gamers of the Nikke game right now.

With more confusions arising among NIKKE gamers, many assume this new P2W event challenges of Nikke should reduce the power requirements for all the p2w hard and normal challenges too.

Is Goddess of Victory NIKKE Good Game?

Goddess of Victory NIKKE P2W Event

NIKKE is an incredible RPG sci-fi shooter game that has been raging amongst all gamers. Goddess of Victory NIKKE has fantastic gameplay, storyline, events, and challenges with the best characters that you can take on the battles to shoot out all the other opponents of the game.

If you have not played the Nikke game yet, it’s time for you to explore this mind-boggling sci-fic anime girl-based shoot game which is instant madness too.


 Now that’s a complete wrap for Goddess of Victory NIKKE p2w, f2p events guide from our GA end. All info and updates on Nikke p2w hard level stages and challenges, Nikke f2p and p2w events, confusions have all been shared here at our gaming acharya end.

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