How to get LoL Eternals Series 2 Pass?

LoL Eternals Series 2 is out right now for everyone. The new eternal series 2 in League of Legends offers players three new exclusive Eternals for all the champions which are unique too. Here are all League of Legends Eternals Series 2 details, price, and Eternals 2 LoL pass details for all the champion characters of the game.

The new Eternals series are available for every champion of LoL for a price, likewise, if you decide to purchase the entire Eternals series 2 pass in League of Legends it is available for a certain price and it will unlock the series eternal 2 for all the current and future champions in LoL.

Additionally, the LoL champion mastery emotes have the access to obtain the third chevron using the Eternals series 2 on LoL. With so much to offer the next new League of Legends Eternals series 2 will go live on Nov 17, 2022, which is today.

LoL Eternals Series 2 – How to Purchase and More About Series 2 Eternals?

How to get LoL Eternals Series 2 Pass

Riot Games have been regularly bringing in new League of Legends updates and features for all the players. Right now the current launch is the LoL second series of Eternals in the game. Now series 2 for Eternals in League of Legends will be live today.

Now the series two Eternals in LoL is available here are the price and details of the Eternals Series 2 on League of Legends,

One set of series 2 Eternals is available to purchase for 600 RP in LoL which simply means the eternal series 2 price for an individual champion in League of Legends is available at 600 RP or Riot Points right now.

Similarly, the series 2 Eternals pass for all the League of Legends champion characters is available for a price of 6400 RP. The Eternals Series 2 Pass in LoL will help you to get the Eternals for all the current champions and also the future LoL champion characters which are about to come.

More About Series 2 Eternals in League of Legends – Know it Here 

LoL Eternals Series 2
LoL Eternals Series 2

Apart from the basic updates of Eternals Series 2 for League of Legends, right now the milestones for the LoL Eternals are also adjusted with the new update.

Also additionally once the series Eternals 2 gets unleashed in LoL, both the Eternals Series 1 pass and the starter series pass of League of Legends will be available for a 60% instant discount. Also after three months, the new series 2 Eternals pass in League of Legends will also be made available for over 30% offer.

Is the Series 2 Eternals Pass Not Available in LoL?

There are few issues for LoL players while purchasing the series 2 Eternals pass, as all the League of Legends players were able to get the Eternals series 2 for the set of champions, but the whole Eternals series 2 pass for all the LoL champions characters are not available.

As the news is that LoL Eternals Series 2 Pass is not available for purchase, hopefully, Riot Games will make the Eternals Series 2 Pass available for purchase to all the LoL players soon. Stay tuned for more Eternals series 2 passes and other League of Legends updates here from our portal.


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