Earn Points at RL Live Fortnite 2022

In the famous battle royale game, Fortnite Octane, we can Earn Points at RL Live Fortnite. Epic Games has unveiled another Fortnite x Rocket League cooperation, this time offering free cosmetics to gamers. A new partnership brings Fortnite Octane awards as well as the iconic Rocket League car to the battle royale island.

Previously, the vehicle was exclusively available in Creative mode, however that has changed with the v22.40 release. This guide will tell you the best way to get all of the free Fortnite Octane compensations in Part 3 Season 4. These prizes seem wonderful and will almost certainly be exclusive to this cooperation, which means they may be the only way to obtain them. 

Earn Points at RL Live Fortnite

Earn Points at RL Live Fortnite

Octane is the most popular car in Rocket League, Epic Games’ second free-to-play product. The famous automobile was added to Fortnite’s Creative mode earlier this season by the development team.

The v22.40 update, which was released on Tuesday, November 15, brought traditional and Zero Build modes to the automobile. According to Epic, the automobile lacks certain elements of Creative, but it is still amazing.

“This Fight Royale/Zero Form adaptation is adjusted for these modes, however, it actually has rocket promoters, supersonic speed, and the capacity to bounce, twofold leap, avoid, take off, and drive on walls!” Octane is seemingly the best vehicle as of now accessible in the computer game because of these awesome elements. It will, however, most likely only be available for a limited period and will not be available in Chapter 4.

How to Earn Points at RL Live Fortnite?

Earn Points at RL Live Fortnite

Epic Games has launched 12 new Fortnite x Rocket League challenges with the v22.40 update. The four free cosmetic items that may be obtained by completing them are as follows:

  • BackBoard Bling – Completing two Octane missions
  • Complete 4 Octane missions to obtain Octane Smash spray.
  • Complete 6 Octane missions to get the Shot in Flight emoticon.
  • Complete 8 Octane missions to obtain the Clutch Victory pickaxe.

By completing eight of the twelve Octane tasks, you may obtain every cosmetic item from the new partnership. The objectives are simple, but they need you to play the game for an hour. Coming up next is a rundown of all dynamic Octane journeys in Fortnite:

  • In Octane, fly 100 meters continuously.
  • Earn 100 RL Live Points
  • Earn 250 RL Live Points Live
  • In Octane Race, complete a lap in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • While riding in an Octane, hit three opponents.
  • In the Octane race, complete two laps.
  • With an Octane, perform a 720 front or back flip in the air.
  • Snipers against Octanes: Damage Car Opponents
  • At Rocketeer Ruins, complete each Hardpoint.
  • Fill an Octane
  • In Snipers versus Octanes, eliminate sniper opponents.
  • At Rocketeer Ruins, collect eight coins.

As you can see from the list above, certain tasks need you to play in Creative mode, while others can only be achieved in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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