Chivalry 2 Winter Update- New 2.7 Patch Notes!

Have you all read the Chivalry 2 winter update patch notes and the other leaks yet? As Chivalry 2 has moved on to its next patch update, the team is focusing on the winter war public test run through its 2.7 updates. Here are Chivalry 2 winter update patch notes, leaks, and more.

The public testing with the 2.7 update version in Chivalry 2 is all set to happen today globally for all gamers. And this public test run of Chivalry 2 will grant players unlimited exclusive access to the game’s new contents, maps, and other features that are included as a part of the 2.7 patch update of Chivalry 2.

The public test date set by Chivalry 2 is for today, which means the Chivalry 2 winter public testing will go live on 15 Nov 2022. And let’s see every new update and feature that’s going to be included in the Chivalry 2 2.7 patch updates of winter testing public beta run.

Chivalry 2 Winter Update – New 2.7 Patch Notes in Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Winter Update

The best thing about the 2.7 winter update for Chivalry 2 is that the new exclusive weapon and the playable map with certain objectives from the Mason forces and the troops.

The very first content that players of chivalry 2 will get exclusive access during this winter testing is the new The Assault on Thayic Stronghold Map with lots of objectives and missions up front.

Also in the public testing of 2.7, Chivalry 2 gamers will be able to play with the latest fiery weapon Quarterstaff which also has an incredible ability, players will use the full playable Thayic Stronghold map and complete the new objectives too with the quarterstaff weapons from today.

More About Chivalry 2 Winter Testing Public Update 

As the official full patch notes of Chivalry 2 2.7 are about to arrive soon from the team, let’s have a look at the Chivalry 2 winter testing update and contents,

Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 2.70

Also this Chivalry 2.7 winter public test beta version run is only happening on the epic game store and the retail users on the same will get the exclusive access to the winter update Chivalry 2 contents,

As per Mason’s orders, all the warriors need to enter the bell tower, destroy the banners, summon the courtyard and finally Kill the king Argon over there.

Some other new weapons and carryables for Chivalry 2.7 are the javelins, new highland sword, katars, poleaxe with new stats.

The winter update also includes new changes for the misc, audio, UI and animations of Chivalry 2. Horse has its own new fix with the new spike traps and bear traps not damaging them, likewise pavise and throwables also have their own new changes.

Flaming chicken, resolution settings, stage 2 bell tower are the additional patch notes and fixed from the winter update testing on Chivalry 2.7, while the bell tower will keep floating once all the stages are completed in the game.

As of now these are the winter update patch notes for Chivalry 2.7 public test run, the full patch notes with more features and updates for Chivalry 2.7 patch update version is also expected to come soon with all the new changes for the gamers till then stay tuned.


That’s a wrap for Chivalry 2 winter update patch notes and other leaks of Chivalry 2 2.7 winter update, public testing for 2.7 and more here at GA. Follow Gaming Acharya for more 2.7 updates of Chivalry 2.

Stay tuned to GA for more e-Sports news and gaming articles contents. The official Chivalry 2.7 patch notes for the winter update will be rolling out soon after the test run gets completed. Enjoy unlimited access to the new contents of Chivalry 2 2.7 updates from today onwards.

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