Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 2.70- All Updates

Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 2.70 are out with the latest winter updates, also the 2.7 update has winter war public testing run for all the players. Here’s everything at GA on Chivalry 2 patch notes 2.70 and more leaks.

The Chivalry 2.7 patch notes is all about the public test run, new map, new VIP, new weapons and quarter staffs. Also Chivalry 2.70 patch notes include new katars and javelins for the warriors, apart from this many new features are included for Chivalry 2.7 public test.

Even animation, UI and audio settings have gotten their new buffs for Chivalry 2.70 winter public update testing which will be live from today in the game. Also many of the public test issues and errors in 2.7 update of Chivalry are sorted out for now.

Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 2.70 – All Updates Here 

Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 2.70

Here are all the patch notes updates for Chivalry 2.70 Public Test Run,

New Map Is Available 

First is the new Map, The Assault on Thayic Stronghold is all set to conquer its place in the world of Chivalry 2 game. The new Thayic Stronghold map is a limited playable edition from the winter war queue. Masor has an order for the attackers to accomplish all these new missions in the 2.70 Update,

  • Annihilate all the shoreline defense towers
  • Capture the stronghold’s bell tower and the captives
  • Demolish all stronghold banners
  • Regain the courtyard place and finally Kill Argon II

Other Chivalry 2 Patch Notes for 2.70 Update

  • The vintage and the original quarter staff comes in with some special attacks and his crusader class
  • Javelins fixed now as they won’t disturb the attacks throws when thrown at the enemies
  • Katars are fixed for sprint attacks and off hand items
  • Highland sword Weapon size altered for this update and also with more fixes too
  • King Argon II will be the new VIP with the objective of reclaiming the throne and realms of his kingdom
  • Pole Axe got an increase in damage stat
  • New carryables like painting, frozen fish,taxidermy rabbit are included for this new update
  • Likewise the animation has its own fix for 2.70 Chivalry 2 update, the ragdolls falling has been sorted, the falling animation state has been fixed, crossbow inconsistent animations and visuals are fixed too.
  • Similarity the Riposte, Counter text related to UI now will be shown on screen for the active parry window, ammo crates for UI is also fixed.

More Chivalry 2.7 Patch Notes

Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 2.70

Here are some other Chivalry 2.70 public test updates and patch notes,

  • Bell tower will float after 2nd stage
  • Misc has gotten improvements
  • Audio for katars fixed
  • Resolution settings have been fixed for 2.07
  • Flaming chicken won’t fire the teammates
  • Pavise has been fixed with character movement
  • Spike traps and bear traps will never damage the horses now

All these are the Chivalry 2.70 public test run updates and players will also be getting access to the new contents, play 2.70 public beta of Chivalry 2 on the new Thayic Stronghold map and the latest new slashing quarterstaff weapon.

Players of Chivalry will be getting access to the new 2.7 patch updates and public test run contents from today onwards, more features and contents for Chivalry 2.70 public test update will be known from today officially.


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