Guide to Complete Path to Nowhere MZ-02 Missions 

Here’s the easy guide and pathway to complete the Path to Nowhere MZ-02 missions. The Maze Home is the latest special set of missions from Path to Nowhere, here are the best strategy and tips to complete the Maze Home mz-02 missions and challenges in Path to Nowhere.

MZ-02 is one of the special missions from the Maze Home of Path to Nowhere, and the MZ-02 has several missions in it where you must meet the level requirements and do the required tasks assigned in front of you.

You will be required to explore the deep and shallow ends, then destroy the enemies and contaminations for every level of maze 02 mission in Path to Nowhere. It’s all about saving the birthday girl from the deep ends and contaminations on the Maze missions of Path to Nowhere.

There are several puzzles and missions in the MZ -02, one is the chapter 2 puzzles, the main story of mz-02, the discity missions, and more for these maze home quests from Path to Nowhere.

Guide & Tips to Complete the Path to Nowhere MZ-02 Special Missions 

Path to Nowhere MZ-02

You suddenly wake up for the maze special missions and will be asked to enter the deep end. Also, proceed to stop at the shallow ends at times, and find out the list on the wall.

First, watch the sunrise with the birthday girl, have breakfast, and train together. Then eat the birthday cakes and watch a movie with the gray haired girl.

Level 19 is a must for this one, then enter the deep end and annihilate all the 3 contaminations first. You are completely drained before sunrise for the maze missions.

More Walkthrough & Guide For Path To Nowhere Maze 02 Missions 

The birthday girl keeps following you at the dining table after 12 am, there is also a digital clock on the walls of the deep ends. Get the book from the birthday girl at her bedside.

Next, the dark story begins at the deep end for the mz-02 of Path to Nowhere, find out the three red triangle shaped spikes which also indicate about the birthday girl’s mental health.

Go through all the red spikes and find out the shackles and hear all the voices ranting on the deep ends, also find out the contamination infection rate over there, then also share the contamination rates.

Next, the total deep end place becomes red spikes and the contamination keeps spreading it approaches you, and also hear ted’s voice. Then take the girl away from the contamination after the red spikes vanishes off away completely.

Rewards for MZ-02 

Path to Nowhere MZ-02

Sinners will get over 35 inferno cubes for clearing the mz-02 Path to Nowhere missions on the very first attempt itself, likewise, a special reward of 35 inferno cubes once again will be given too.


That’s a wrap for Path to Nowhere MZ-02 maze home mission guide and tips from our Gaming Acharya handle. The new set of Home Maze missions in Path to Nowhere have been a challenging one for the sinners of the game.

Stay tuned for more tips and guides to complete the rest of the Path to Nowhere Maze Home missions and challenges like MZ-03, MZ-04, MZ-05, Discity MZ-06 reincarnation stages, main story, and more from our GA end.

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