Tower Of Fantasy 2.1 Update: Confounding Labyrinth 

The Tower Of Fantasy 2.1 update is all set to be out on the game on 22 November 2022. As the developers, Hotta studio has confirmed the same also naming the new update as Confounding Labyrinth for travelers. Here is all the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 updates with the leaks of Confounding Labyrinth from our GA end.

The Tower of Fantasy 2.1 official trailer glimpse was also got released which showcased a new exotic location of the confounding labyrinth with some horrifying locations too. Basically, the Confounding Labyrinth will be a very extensive dark underground spot unraveling some of the dark missions and secrets to the players.

Now let’s see in detail about the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 updates, Confounding Labyrinth locations and more details in the Confounding Labyrinth for the wanderers of the game.

Tower Of Fantasy 2.1 Update – All Info About the Confounding Labyrinth 

Tower of Fantasy 2.1 updates

So the news is that Tower of Fantasy next 2.1 title update is releasing on November 22, 2022. Players can watch a glimpse of the Confounding Labyrinth for the gameplay of the next update. It’s a mysterious location that’s going to unfold several monsters in the game.

The confounding labyrinth is located so close to the Mirroria, and it’s a cryptic underground labyrinth region from Tower of Fantasy. As the trailer itself says it’s going to be an intriguing thing about the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 Confounding Labyrinth.

Travelers and wanderers are in for a mysterious challenge where they must explore through the dark underground regions of this labyrinth. Also, a new scientist from the labyrinth was also showcased in the trailer.

More on Confounding Labyrinth 

So that’s it folks the Confounding Labyrinth is coming with the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 update version from 22nd November 2022. Get ready for some scary and spooky challenges with the deep underground map locations in Confounding Labyrinth.

Wanderers also will be getting more updates and changes in the gameplay through the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 Confounding Labyrinth update from the month end. The Confounding Labyrinth will be the next best update from the game.

Beware of the dangerous old evil which is all set to wake up once the Confounding Labyrinth update rolls out in Tower of Fantasy 2.1. Get ready for some breathtaking battles in the Confounding Labyrinth from the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 update.

A new mighty boss is on your way in the dark locations of confounding labyrinth, more updates regarding Confounding Labyrinth will be expected sooner too.

Saki Fuwa in Tower of Fantasy is Live From Today 

Apart from the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 update for Confounding Labyrinth, the latest trending update on the game is the Saki Fuwa lady character girl. As Saki Fuwa is globally releasing in Tower of Fantasy from today.

A marvelous fighter with insane abilities and stats Saki Fuwa will be the next powerful character from Tower of Fantasy. Wanderers will be able to unleash the potential and skills of Saki Fuwa for the battles and attacks from now on.

After being released only for Chinese version regions of Tower Of Fantasy, now Saki Fuwa is globally releasing in the game finally. More about Saki Fuwa stats and abilities are expected to come soon from today.


That’s a wrap at gaming acharya for Tower Of Fantasy 2.1 update Leaks, Confounding Labyrinth map location updates, and more about Tower of Fantasy 2.1 have all been revealed at our GA now. The release date for Tower of Fantasy 2.1 Confounding Labyrinth is all set for 22 November 2022.

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