Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle: New Updates!

Today’s post is about the Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle and all about it. Players in Destiny 2 have been greeted with a curious update to the Telesto fusion rifle, the game’s most famed weapon, before the most recent weekly reset of November 8.

Since Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle has a highly shady history of bugs to the point of being frequently blocked in-game since its debut within the Curse of Osiris expansion its behavior was initially interpreted as just another one. Players then started to wonder if this wasn’t accidentally occurring and might perhaps be the start of a puzzle.

Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle:-

Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle

This new Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle has been hyped pretty much the entire season. Banshee is currently experimenting with a new garment that was recently added to the Bungie store in his shop.

The Schrodinger’s Gun symbol, which has previously been discovered in the game files, is probably where the current Telesto glitch situation is going. However, we are unsure of what to do next in order to truly unlock it.

Perhaps Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle should just wait to see what Telesto does next. It doesn’t have its own volition. Although the bolts resemble a constellation, there is no visible pattern and nothing to be solved there. According to Dr. Richard Branson, this object has a temporal component of some kind.

Regarding whether this will be connected to the larger-scale community gathering that we are aware would take place in the coming weeks, I have heard conflicting information. I’m still unsure of how the antics of Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle would connect to that bigger event. It’s possible that this emblem-related item and the subsequent community event are unrelated.

What Is This Bug In Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle?

Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle

The Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle appears to be broken right now for those who desire to utilise it. When players use the gun, sparkles that resemble fireworks burst out of the pistol and drift upward. Players are unable to use the gun regularly to kill adversaries or other players as a result of this.

If there were some sort of genuine glitch that players were encountering, it would not be shocking. To help players know when the Telesto in Destiny 2 was the last malfunctioning, fans even built an online tracker.

However, this time looks unique. It is possible to manually fix the Telesto problem in-game. For make their character smack the Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle, players must continue holding down the reload button. The gun will function normally once you do this.

What Is The Secret Of The Current Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle Bug?

To put it plainly, it does not seem to be a typical Destiny 2 puzzle bug. It is far too intricate to be a mistake. In Destiny 2, the pistol not only discharges sparks like to fireworks, but players may also slap the rifle like that of an old television to restore it to normal operation. There’s a good chance that amount of detail is not by coincidence.

Maybe Bungie is making fun of themselves for frequently having a Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle bugged by giving this as a gesture to the community. Some players think that the Telesto bug has a deeper significance. Players claim that when they watch the Telesto blast fireworks out of its nozzle, they can make out constellations.

Know How To Get In Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle:-

Telesto Destiny 2 Puzzle is now animated to smoke and spark, something it did not do before. This occurs with every decoration. Telesto will fire a sequence of ascending bolts into the sky. I think they are meant to just be constellations because I’m very certain I’ve spotted at least Orion that one of the Big Dippers there.

This floaty shooting mode can be disabled by holding down the reload button, which will restore normal gunfire. Once more, Bungie must have something uploaded specifically into the game.

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