Path of Exile Endless Delve Event 2022- Complete Details

Path of Exile Endless Delve event is finally arriving for the users. As PoE team has planned a major 3 event schedule for December 2022, and one of them is this Endless Delve event for the players. Here are all the exclusive news and details about the endless delve event in Path of Exile.

With the December events being lined up for Path of Exile, there are totally 3 epic events for Dec, one is the Mayhem, next is the Flashback and finally, this one-week Endless Delve event which is all set to start on Dec 11, 2022.

The endless delve event will be commencing on Dec 11, 2022, for all the global PoE gamers and fans, while the players of Path Of Exile will be up for several challenges and several rewards are also on the list as prizes.

Path of Exile Endless Delve Event – Complete Details

Path of Exile Endless Delve

Firstly the endless delve event launch date will be on 11, Dec 2022 for the Path of Exile players. The endless delve event will also be happening for one week.

This event is all about playing in the azurite mine and obtaining the passive points. Players of PoE also have the access to altar of ascendancy from the mine encampment. The gamers will be exploring the various thresholds while they complete the quests of this endless delve event in Path of Exile.

The endless delve event commences from the starter gear and the sulphite is not required too. For each progression Niko and Lilly Roth will guide you to earn the skill gems. Many dark quests passing through the thresholds will be available for this endless delve event which is happening for a week.

Also in this endless delve void event of Path of Exile, the access to players for towns and hide out is not available, as it’s a 100% solo darkness event too.

Rewards For Endless Delve Event in Path Of Exile 

Path of Exile Endless Delve

There are a couple of rewards and prizes for the players who successfully accomplish in the endless delve event of Path Of Exile,

  • Demigod’s Authority: A Golden Bladed one-handed sword
  • Random Draw Microtransactions
  • Twilight Mystery Box

All these are the major prize rewards for the endless delve event, however players of PoE must meet the various level requirements and finish some of the challenges before in order to get all the rewards.

For eg,

  • If you cross the level 50 of endless delve, then the mystery box is all yours and only one per account too.

Now here’s the endless delve event random draw prizes,

  • Reaching level 60 will grant you with 1000 each in Infernal Skull, Lightning Footprints, Azure Seraph Weapon Effect.
  • For level 70, 1000 Fire Portal Effect, Divine Arcane Portal Effect, Arcane VoidGate Portal Effect.
  • For level 80, 700 Seraph Character Effect, Ice Character Effect, Stygian Character Effect
  • For level 85, 200 Sin Armour Set, Fire Armour Set, Necrotic Armour Set
  • For Level 90, 200 Innocent Cloak, Seraph Spirit Wings, Void Wings
  • For Level 95, 50 Stygian Wings, Stygian Herald, Transcendence Armour Pack

More on PoE Endless Delve Event 

So it’s upto the users of Path Of Exile to take part in these wonderful December events which will be engaging and filled with full of prizes.

More details about the endless delve event can be expected in the coming day, but be prepared to successfully complete all the endless delve events and challenges to take away the wonderful prizes as your rewards.


That’s everything about the endless delve event of Path of Exile at our GA. Follow Gaming Acharya for e-Sports and gaming news. Stay tuned for more updates of the endless delve event which is happening from December, 2022 for all the Path Of Exile players and gamers worldwide.

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