Nikke Goddess of Victory Train Station 2022

As you progress through the Nikke Goddess of Victory Train Station 2022, you’ll notice a lot of glowing spots on the map that indicate Lost Relics. These are collectibles that help you progress by fleshing out the world, music tracks, Gems, and blueprints to help you construct buildings in the outpost. The Train Station Blueprint can be found in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

Nikke Goddess of Victory Train Station

Nikke Goddess of Victory Train Station 2022

From the beginning, you ought to focus on the mission mode stages; clearing 5 mission stages expands the station protective level. As the level of your station protection develops, you will get more inactive awards, for example, centers, battle records, EXP/record, credits, and hardware. These resources will be required to improve the NIKKEs. Tap “Outpost Defense” in the lower-left corner of the hall screen to collect the resources.

Victory Goddess NIKKE has a few game modes, including effort/work, lost area/ark, field/ark, and clan tower/ark. Credits, combat power, cubes, NIKKE shards, and other items can be obtained from the lost sector/ark and tribe tower/ark.

The Operate/Campaign game mode is organized into chapters, with various stages of increasing complexity in each chapter. This mode is also available in two difficulties: regular and hard. Tap the “Work” decision in the lower-right corner, then, tap the “part number” in the lower-right corner to open the segment screen; tap the run of the mill/hard difficulty in the lower-right corner to change the difficulty.

Nikke Goddess of Victory Train Station 2022

Nikke Goddess of Victory Train Station Blueprint

The Train Station Blueprint may be discovered in Nikke’s campaign in Chapter 3. However, getting to it will not be simple because you must first defeat the chapter boss. We’ve given a screenshot to show you where it is: To summarize, you must reach the top left corner of the map, defeat the story boss, and interact with the glowing spot next to the two destroyed skyscrapers.

How to Use Nikke Goddess of Victory Train Station Blueprint

Once you’ve obtained the Blueprint, return to the Outpost and construct any vacant building space. Building a building takes only a few seconds, so you won’t have to wait long.

The Train Station is critical for progressing through the Tactics Academy course plan, so make sure you use it as frequently as possible. The lesson plans provide numerous benefits such as improved dispatch missions, additional construction spaces, and more Credit and Battle Data rewards from conflict.

Nikke Goddess of Victory Train Station Info

Nikke: Goddess of Triumph is a third-individual shooter cell game made by Level Endless and arranged by Destiny Youngster artist Kim Hyung Seop. The main protagonists, known as Nikke, are humanity’s last chance as it retreats underground due to an alien invasion. You, as the Commander, will control the Nikke, which will autonomously shoot enemies with a flick of your touch and seek shelter when hit.

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