Destiny 2 Telesto Emblem Community Event – All Details

The Destiny 2 Telesto Emblem has surprisingly made its way to the game once again. Here’s all about the Telesto Emblem, Telesto code, and more about the same here at GA.

As Telesto in Destiny 2 was the only trending and viral news, it seems a new Telesto event is getting ready from Bungie and more leaks of Telesto can also be expected very soon. Apparently, players have also found that the Destiny 2 Telesto bugged is an intentional one from the team.

Destiny 2 handle has officially shared the Telesto code for the guardians to redeem the same, let’s see more about how players of Destiny 2 will be able to redeem the Telesto gun in the game.

Destiny 2 Telesto Code – List of Available Codes

Destiny 2 Telesto Emblem

Here are the available Telesto codes to redeem the gun in Destiny 2,

  • XC4-GF9-GD3
  • 9LX-7YC-6TX

These are the two available Telesto Emblem codes for all Destiny 2 users, more can be expected soon.

How to Redeem Telesto Emblem in Destiny 2?

To acquire the Telesto rifle with its Telesto Emblem code,

  • Go to Bungie Code Redemption Page
  • Enter the Telesto Code and acquire the Gun from the list of available items

Destiny 2 Telesto Emblem Community Event – All Details

Destiny 2 has been taken away by the Telesto storm, as the Telesto gun has had some glitches, but right now guardians are finding out that it’s absolutely right. The Telesto weapon was bugged several times, and guardians were worried about it.

But right now it’s confirmed that the Telesto has been intentionally bugged by the team of Destiny 2 and it’s an indication that a new Telesto Emblem community event is on the cards. Bungie will reveal more updates about the Telesto event soon to the gamers and guardians of Destiny 2.

Also, the Telesto fusion rifle gun is expected to be sentient and also expected to be a part of one of the major Destiny 2 events very soon. That’s why the Telesto event has been trending for a while amongst the Destiny 2 community.

The community event for Telesto will unlock more content in the game and it’s also expected that the Telesto gun will be getting more buffs and stats in the game.

So all the strange happenings with the Destiny 2 Telesto gun have led us to the community event of the Telesto Emblem which will be happening very soon. The bugs and glitches of Telesto were the only reasons for all these.

More on Destiny 2 Telesto 

Destiny 2 Telesto Emblem

So that’s everything Destiny 2 team has shared about the Telesto. First, the Telesto gun was in the news for its bug and glitches. Then Destiny 2 themselves shared the Telesto Emblem codes for its guardians. To redeem the fusion rifle, head over to the Bungie page and enter the Telesto codes and acquire it from the list of available items.

Then it’s about the Telesto Emblem event, the Telesto Emblem Community Event which is set to happen very soon. Bungie will reveal more about the next community event which will have a huge role for Telesto. Also, the Telesto gun will become a Sentient, and more updates about the Telesto event can be expected very soon from them.


That’s a wrap about the Destiny 2 Telesto Emblem code-related article at our GA. All details regarding how to get the Telesto gun, the list of Telesto codes, Telesto Emblem Community Event in Destiny 2 have all been shared at Gaming Acharya here.

Stay tuned for more Telesto Emblem and Destiny 2-related leaks from our end. Follow us on all social media pages for all exclusive Esports and gaming news. Stay tuned with us for more updates here.

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