BGMI M17 Royale Pass Release date RP Rewards

The BGMI M17 royale pass release date, perks, and many more details were leaked online. As the BGMI month 17 RP comes to a conclusion in the middle of November, the following cycle pass, the 17th-month pass in BGMI RP 17, will be made available to players.

The BGMI M17 RP is currently open to clients; be that as it may, the M17 Royale Pass will take over soon, and the seventeenth month Royale Pass in BGMI will be accessible to players starting in November mid. Though the official list of BGMI M17 Royale Pass benefits is unclear, certain leaked awards and M17 Royale Pass incentives will be kept for the BGMI M17 Royale Pass season.

The BGMI M17 RP pass awards have been released, and some of the ranking 17 RP incentives are anticipated to be preserved for the M17 royale pass as well. Some of the BGMI M17 royale pass season’s leaked rewards may be.

Leaks of BGMI M17 Royale Pass Rewards!

PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass

Royale Pass M17 on the first RP level will give you the Goth Pilot Set, which is like the season 13 RP 50 Position. Both male and female characters have outfits. After the first RP, you will moreover get the 12 PM Light – Dp28 skin. This skin is fabulous since it is the initial time in quite a while that a Dp28 skin has been accessible in Rp. A hat will be supplied to you. Goth Aviator Cover is the cover for the 5th Rp Rank.

  • Midnight Lantern DP skin and Goth Aviator Set (RP Level 1) 
  • Gold Porcelain Helmet, (RP Level 10)
  • Disdain Act out and Brilliant Jade Paralyze Projectile skin at (RP Level 15)
  • Orange Jumpsuit Outfit for (RP Level 25)
  • Desert Fighter amazing act out and Gold Porcelain motorbike skin at (RP Level 30)
  • Will of Steel Uzi skin (RP Level 35)
  • Golden Jade M16A4 skin, RP Level 40
  • Desert Warrior Set (RP Level 50)

BGMI M17 Royale Pass Release Date?

The M17 BGMI RP season will conclude on November 19th, hence the BGMI 17th month M17 Royale Pass will be released on November 20th, 2022. The BGMI M17 Royale Pass will be available to all gamers globally on November 20th, 2022.

What is the cost of the BGMI M17 Royale Pass?

The BGMI M17 Royale Pass will be offered in two categories, as usual.

  • For around 300 UC, you might buy the M17 Elite Royale Pass.
  • For around 600 UC, you might buy the M17 Elite Plus Royale Pass.

More information on the BGMI M17 Royale Pass!

BGMI M17 Royale Pass Release date

The BGMI M17 Royal Pass will be the Tencent Cycle 4 Season 9 or C4S9, and the M17 RP in BGMI will also take place during the BGMI 2.3 update version for all BGMI fans globally. Also, we’ll have to wait and see whether Tencent keeps the same M17 Royale Pass release date and incentives for BGMI Mobile and BGMI Lite.

Royale Pass BGMI M17 RP

But, for the time being, here are all of the unofficially official BGMI M17 Royale Pass perks, leaks, release date, and features. That concludes our coverage of the BGMI M17 Royale Pass release date and perks. We provide all BGMI M17 RP leaks, features, BGMI M17 Royale Pass updates, and prizes.

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