Sky Carrier COD Mobile: Complete The Challenge!

Let’s take about the first Challenge of world-class Carrier Down, Sky Carrier COD Mobile. Season 10 in COD Mobile’s World Class is officially available and has begun introducing a variety of new topics to the game. Like the new multiplayer, map, bright battle pass theme, nerfs and bonuses to some meta weapons, and more.

However, it has also included two brand-new operators for scorestreaks. The developers’ inclusion of the football theme and the introduction of well-known soccer players as Leo Messi, Neymar, and many others to commemorate the season and the Anniversary is the most challenging and alluring aspect of this season.

Additionally, a brand-new seasonal challenge called Carrier Down is now available in the game. Players can participate in battles and complete missions to earn incredible rewards like the character skin, the CBR4-Victory blueprint, and more.

Therefore, by visiting the seasonal event section, gamers can win these prizes as well as some others. To finish those events, they mostly need to devote some time to MP. In this post, we will see the first challenge or carrier-down event. Sky Carrier COD Mobile.

More About The Sky Carrier COD Mobile Challange:

Sky Carrier COD Mobile

Starting today, November 11, and running until November 28, 2022, the game’s Carrier Down seasonal challenge will be available. Players must first go to the event section and then move on to the seasonal challenges in order to access the Carrier Down event.

In order to finish the entire Sneaky combat event, users must achieve a total of 7 missions Sky Carrier COD Mobile is the first mission. Each challenge that is successfully completed will award the participants with incentives. In the below paragraph, we will get to know how to complete the Sky Carrier COD Mobile Challenge.

How To Complete Sky Carrier COD Mobile First Challenge:-

In Sky Carrier COD Mobile Challenge, Using various scorestreaks in multiplayer mode is the focus of this six-part seasonal challenge. Players will come across various tasks and incentives at each step. But be sure to finish all of the assignments before this season is up.

In the first challenge, we have to land at the sky carrier site three times in BR matches. And also we have to kill at the Sky Carrier COD Mobile site in The BR matches. If we complete this first challenge of Sky Carrier in COD Mobile, we will get 200 Credits and Battle Pass XPx1000. Make sure if you want the rewards you have to complete the Challenge otherwise you will not get the reward.

Other Challenges Of Carrier Down Event:-

Sky Carrier COD Mobile

In order to get all the rewards we have to complete all these challenges. Here are the rewards for each of the seven challenges.

  • Land three times in BR or at the scene of the Sky Carrier Crash Kill 5 adversaries at the location of the sky carrier COD Mobile and crash in BR matches to earn x200 credits and x1000 BP XP.
  • 3 SMGs are looted in BR matches: Shard Merc 5: 1000 BP XP and a character that is going gold.
  • Kill 10 enemies using SMGs on BR matches when booted and receive 2000 BP XP.
  • BR matches CBR4: Victory & BP XP x2000: Open Airdrops twice.
  • In BR battles, you can fly 1,000 meters with a helicopter and get 2000 BP and Special Ops 5 XP.
  • Play two BR matches with friends, or win three BR matches to receive a Silver Crate Coupon as well as three thousand BP XP.

We hope this guide will help you to get know how to complete the Sky Carrier COD Mobile Challenge. For more information and interesting post make sure to follow Gaming Acharya and comment if you have any queries.

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