PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass Release Date, RP Rewards

It’s time for the exclusive reveal of the PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass Release Date, RP Rewards from GA. As the ongoing PUBG Mobile M16 RP is concluding very sooner, PUBG Mobile will come up with M17 automatically as its next month royale pass.

Like PUBG, PUBG mobile is also being played globally with millions of users. The game’s monthly royale pass is an exciting feature as it brings new updates, rewards, and changes in gameplay to PUBG Mobile through the royal pass.

As of now PUBG Mobile M16 royale pass season with its rewards are available, once M16 RP ends then PUBG Mobile will launch the next M17 royale pass for the fans worldwide.

PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass Release Date, RP Rewards – All Details

PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass

First when we reveal the information and updates about PUBG M17 RP then the first question should be about its release date.

The release date of PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass is expected on 19 November, 2022. As PUBG Mobile M16 royale pass is expected to end its tenure on the same day just before couple of hours making way for M17 RP in PUBG Mobile.

All the PUBG Mobile users worldwide will get access to M17 Royal Pass and rewards from November 19, 2022 globally. More leaks about PUBG Mobile M17 RP will be rolling out very soon.

PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass Rewards

Everyone’s attention will be on PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass rewards and ranked rewards once it goes live.

Here are all the PUBG Mobile M17 RP rewards, ranked rewards for level 1 to 50 in M17 RP.

  • RP 1 – MK67 Skin, Emote, Helmet
  • RP 5 – Mythic Emote, Avatars
  • RP 15 – Bizon Gun Skins, Boat Skins
  • RP 25 – Green Outfits, Military Gun Skins, Emotes
  • RP 40 – KAR68 Skin, Crates, Buggy Skins
  • RP 50 – M17 Skin, Free Male Outfits, Snow Outfits

How to Get PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass?

PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass

As always PUBG Mobile players will be getting access to the m17 RP easily. To get the PUBG Mobile M17 Elite Royale Pass you must spend 360 UC. Likewise to obtain the Elite Plus Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile M17 season spend 960 UC.

More Leaks of PUBG Mobile M17 Royale Pass Season  

As per the updates and leaks PUBG Mobile will be getting the best gameplay and version once the m17 Royal Pass releases for the same. PUBG Mobile M17 RP will bring in the best set of ranked rewards, gameplay, visuals & more to the players globally.

Exclusive Leaks About PUBG M17 RP & BGMI M17 RP 

PUBG M17 royal pass is also expected to release on the same date of Nov 19, 2022. Also, PUBG M17 royale pass will get the same set of RP ranked rewards just like PUBG Mobile RP rewards.

But once again it’s a bad news for Indian PUBG and BGMI fans, as there’s no proper way to download the BGMI M17 season and BGMI 2.3 updates either way, as the government of India has blocked and banned BGMI already, once BGMI 2.0 version releases players may expect the leaks of BGMI M17 royal pass officially.


That’s all and everything about the PUBG Mobile M17 Royal Pass Release Date, RP Rewards from our gaming acharya handle. Stay tuned to us for more exclusive PUBG Mobile M17, PUBG M17, BGMI M17 leaks, updates and features from our GA end.

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