Champion Balisong Fortnite: How to Get & Use?

Champion Balisong Fortnite harvesting pickaxe tool is finally back to the itemshop. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has added another pickaxe for the players. Here’s all about the Fortnite champion balisong pickaxe weapon from our GA end.

The champion balisong part of 5he Fortnite champion series set is a killer combat knife pickaxe tool which can be acquired from the itemshop of Fortnite for over 500 V-bucks. The gameplay of champion balisong pickaxe in Fortnite has already been receiving rave reviews.

Today Epic Games have finally unvaulted the uncommon harvesting pickaxe tool to Fortnite itemshop which is the new champion balisong combat knife and players of Fortnite are already loving this sharp knife.

Champion Balisong Fortnite – All Details

champion Balisong fortnite

The champion balisong is an incredible pickaxe from Fortnite as the weapon’s description it’s says the same here, “Watch where you’re swinging that thing” this quote is just enough to speak about the new combat knife in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 which has made its debut occurence today.

A big and a sharper champion balisong knife that Fortnite users are finding it useful right now and this harvesting tool is expected to be a limited time addition in the itemshop of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

How to get the Champion Balisong Pickaxe in Fortnite? – Price of Champion Balisong

Players of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 can easily acquire this new harvesting pickaxe tool from the itemshop, as the price of champion balisong in Fortnite is just 500 V-bucks.

Considering the hype and reviews surrounding the gameplay of champion balisong in Fortnite it’s a bonus for all the players now to get it for a slashed price.

So pay 500 Fortnite V-bucks and obtain this new slashing pickaxe tool and you can also share the champion balisong pickaxe tool as a gift to your Fortnite team mates and friends now.

Champion Balisong Fortnite

More About the Champion Balisong Pickaxe in Fortnite – Check it Out Here

This uncommon harvesting tool champion balisong pickaxe weapon from Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is so sharp and mighty as the combat knife can just like that slash and slit the trees, leaves, enemies in the game.

Epic Games finally unvaulted this champion balisong to Fortnite from today on 10 November, 2022 for all the fans worldwide. The pickaxe is getting amazing reviews and comments from the Fortnite gamers already.

Champion Balisong might even extend its stay in the Fortnite itemshop, but as of now the combat knife is expected to be available till Fortnite paradise season end, and whether the balisong knife is going to be available in the itemshop for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5 is expected to be known soon from the team of Epic Games officially.

But Fortnite players don’t need to worry about that, as the champion balisong is just there for you all to use it for the battles and attacks in your island now. Go and grab this uncommon rarity harvesting pickaxe tool on Fortnite itemshop right now.


That’s all and about this new Fortnite champion balisong pickaxe tool guide from our GA end. Get the Fortnite latest champion balisong combat knife now from the itemshop of the game.

As even all the details regarding how to get the champion balisong in Fortnite, the price of the champion balisong pickaxe, gameplay of champion balisong Fortnite have all been shared here exclusively at our gaming acharya handle.

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