WoW Anniversary World Bosses 2022: Event!

The 18th WoW Anniversary has arrived, and a special in-game celebration will be happening over the next few weeks. This article contains a detailed list of all the unique activities and rewards available during WoW 18th Anniversary Event.

WoW Anniversary World Bosses

WoW Anniversary World Bosses

The WoW anniversary world bosses 2022 event is the ideal mix of old and new, bringing back some of the MMORPG’s legendary bosses while also providing a slew of new treasure, armor, and weapons. There’s a lot you’ll need to know if you want to join the celebration, so here’s a detailed description of the activities.

It’s hard to think that Azeroth has been around for 18 years. With WoW Dragonflight, the ninth chapter in the game’s epic narrative, on the horizon, it’s an exciting moment for fans of Blizzard’s popular MMO.

In addition, Blizzard is organizing the yearly anniversary event, which will take place from November 6 to November 27, finishing a day before the dragons triumphantly return to the Dragon Isles. With iconic bosses returning (along with new gear) and a slew of other goodies available, here’s a summary of everything you’ll be able to get during the WoW anniversary 2022 event.

WoW Anniversary 2022: Classic bosses and new gear

Yet again there have been various scandalous antiheroes and alarming adversaries in World of Warcraft’s long history, however Snowstorm has opened the vaults and permitted the absolute generally vital to unleash destruction. A new set of weapons and armor will also be accessible through random drop when you battle these Azeroth’s past ghosts.

Consistently, players over level 30 will actually want to fight Master Kazzak, Azuregos, and one of the four Winged serpents of Bad dream, as well as timewalk to confront Doomwalker. Overcoming the initial three will procure you a few stuff and Timewarped Identifications, while overcoming Doomwalker will net you Timewarped Identifications as well as the opportunity to get the Illidari Doomhawk mount and a Doomwalker prize stand.

WoW 18th Anniversary Gift Package

WoW Anniversary World Bosses

On the off chance that you sign in to Shadowlands between November sixth and November 27th, 2022, you will get the eighteenth Anniversary achievement and an extraordinary Anniversary Gift Bundle. The following products are included in the Gift Package:

  • 200 Badges From Another Era
  • “The Timewalkers’ Greeting” – Start the journey “An Ideal Greeting,” which will get you to Chromie the Sinkholes of Time.
  • A Festival Light show
  • A thing from the Festival Bundle that supports your experience and notoriety gains by 18%.

Historians Llore and Ju’pa will have two daily tasks that will let you gain more Timewarped Badges by killing old familiar monsters or answering WoW trivia questions. By beating them, you will also be able to obtain some traditional treasure items.

WoW 18th Anniversary Classic Bosses

To commemorate the 18th anniversary, certain famous opponents are making a comeback, with slightly upgraded skills. Consistently, players level 30 and up can confront Master Kazzak, Azuregos, and one of the four Bad dream Mythical serpents for Timewarped Identifications and reward treasure. You’ll also be able to take on the Doomwalker with the weekly task “Doomwalker” Has Come Knockin,” which will give Timewarped Badges as well as a tiny chance at bonus items such as the Doomwalker Trophy Stand doll or Illidari Doomhawk Mount.

WoW 18th Anniversary Korrak’s Revenge

Korrak’s Revenge is a retro Battleground inspired by Alterac Valley, where you can fight adversaries and their defenses, then swap tokens looted from their corpses to call reinforcements. From level 10 to level 60, players can queue up. All players that finish the Alterac Valley of Olde accomplishment and participate in Korrak’s Revenge will get two mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).

During the Anniversary Event, you may hang out in the Caverns of Time with your pals, play some Khadgar-ball Soccer, and dance the night away!

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