Dragapult Pokémon Unite Release Date, Abilities & More

When is Dragapult Pokémon Unite coming to the game live? As Pokémon Unite has decided to bring in two new major Pokemon characters, one is Dragapult which was quite famous in the Pokemon strong and shield edition. Here are all the GA leaks about the Dragapult Pokémon which is coming soon to the game.

The news from the Pokémon leaks is that the Dragapult from the galar region is all set to enter the Pokemon Unite Arena on November 10, 2022, which is tomorrow.

As per the Twitter Pokémon leaker, El Chico Eevee Dragapult will be joining the play test server for Pokémon Unite from tomorrow. After the beta test run is done for Dragapult Pokémon, then very soon Dragapult will be entering Pokémon Unite as a playable creature. That’s what all about the Dragapult entering the Pokémon MOBA game from the twitter leaker.

Dragapult Pokémon Unite Release Date, Abilities & More

Dragapult Pokémon Unite

As the new beta test run update of Pokémon Unite has included the new Dragapult from the galar region, it’s expected that the background and characterisation of the Dragapult monster in Pokémon Unite will also be leaked soon.

Also the role of Dragapult in Pokémon Unite is also getting revealed as per the images and character color. Dragapult will be predominantly playing the role of an attacker once it’s released as a full time playable character in Pokémon Unite soon.

Let’s wait for more gameplay about the galar Dragapult in Pokémon Unite soon as it will be revealed one by one from tomorrow.

When Will Dragapult Be Available in Pokémon Unite? 

As of now Pokémon Unite beta test run will include Dragapult on tomorrow. After going through the gameplay and characterization of Dragapult, the Pokémon will be getting released in Pokémon Unite sooner as a playable monster creature.

Most likely the release date for Dragapult in Pokémon Unite will be from November mid itself, however let’s wait for more leaks of the Dragapult Pokémon Unite release date, features, gameplay, characterisation updates sooner from the team official.

Once we get the official update regarding the full version release of Dragapult in Pokémon Unite it will be posted here from our end.

Which Is The Other Pokémon that Will Com to Pokémon Unite MOBA? 

Dragapult Pokémon Unite

Apart from Dragapult, it’s going to be Urshifu in Pokémon Unite soon. As both Urshifu and Dragapult are already available in the Pokémon Unite test run beta version, soon the Pokémon monsters will enter the arena of this MOBA game.

If Dragapult role is attacking, then Urshifu role is going to be a versatile one in Pokémon Unite after its release in the game. Urshifu is also set to retain its two signature forms of single and rapid strikes in this Pokémon MOBA too.

As the play test server for both Dragapult and Urshifu is happening from tomorrow in Pokémon Unite, we can expect more features, gameplay, characterisation, skills and abilities from the Pokémon MOBA leakers.


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Once more updates and leaks about the two new Pokémon monsters of Urshifu and Dragapult come out, it shall be posted here at our GA end soon.

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