Doomwalker WoW Anniversary Event 2022

Classic monsters return in honor of Global of Warcraft’s 18th anniversary, including the world boss Doomwalker, who can be found in Tanaris’ Caverns of Time. The Illidari Doomhawk mount may be looted from the Doomwalker WoW Anniversary world boss from November 6, 2022 until November 27, 2022 during the WoW 18th Anniversary Event.

Doomwalker WoW Anniversary Event 2022

Doomwalker WoW Anniversary Event 2022

To obtain the Illidari Doomhawk mount drop from Doomwalker, you must travel to Tanaris’ Caverns of Time. A portal in Orgrimmar and Stormwind will transport you right to the Caverns of Time entrance. Doomwalker may be found directly in front of the Caverns of Time entrance.

Doomwalker WoW Anniversary might be found in Tenaris, at the entry to the Sinkholes of Time. During the anniversary occasion, you can kill Doomwalker for treasure and Timewarped Identifications consistently. However, he will continuously drop a Doomwalker Price Stand and Illidary Doomhawk. To procure treasure from this chief, you should be basically level 30.

How to Get Illidari Doomhawk Mount

The portal to Caverns of Time can be found in Stormwind City’s Wizard’s Sanctum. The gateway to the Caverns of Time may be found in Orgrimmar at the portal hub in the Gates of Orgrimmar.

During the eighteenth Anniversary WoW occasion, you can overcome the Doomwalker WoW Anniversary in the Sinkholes of Time by finishing the week after week responsibility Doomwalker’ Has Come Knockin’ from Chromie in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Chromie may be located southeast of the Stormwind Embassy or the Orgrimmar Embassy in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, respectively.

Can You Solo Doomwalker?

Soloing the Doomwalker WoW world boss is not advised. Find a strike party for Doomwalker or hold on until an adequate number of players have congregated at the entry to the Sinkholes of Time to pack up for the most obvious opportunity with regards to battling the Doomwalker WoW Anniversary world beast.

Doomwalker WoW Anniversary Event 2022

How to Loot Illidari Doomhawk Mount

You might acquire the Illidari Doomhawk mount by finishing the Anniversary Occasion Week after week Journeys consistently. To loot the fallen Doomwalker, you must only attack the Doomwalker WoW Anniversary world boss once.

The Illidari Doom Hawk mount is an uncommon drop, and you may need to beat the Doomwalker numerous times in order to loot it off the Doomwalker. There is a minor change for the one-gave hatchet, Akama’s Edge, to drop when you beat Doomwalker during the Universe of Warcraft Occasion.

Tips for Beating Doomwalker

  • Lightning Wrath is a Doomwalker ability with a linked effect that causes it to bounce from player to player.
  • The damage delivered doubles up to ten times each time this ability bounces.
  • As a result, ranged DPS classes like Demonology Warlock or Balance Druid are recommended for this encounter.
  • In the Doomwalker world boss fight, healing is critical to keeping your crew alive.
  • This encounter may require up to six healers, particularly those with Area of Effect healing skills like Restoration Shaman or Holy Priest.
  • If you die during the Doomwalker world boss battle, you will receive the Mark of Death debuff for 15 minutes.
  • Attempting to resume the Doomwalker world boss battle while wearing the Mark of Death will result in an insta-kill for anybody within the effect’s range.
  • Wait 15 minutes before restarting the fight to remove the Mark of Death debuff. 

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