Umi Tower of Fantasy Global Release Date & More

Is the global release date for the new Umi Tower of Fantasy announced officially? Umi a powerful and beautiful female character from Tower of Fantasy was earlier expected in the game’s 2.3 patch update version,

Yet Umi is only available in the China region of Tower of Fantasy. Here’s GA exclusive news about the Umi global release date, abilities, and more about the Umi Simulacrum from the Tower of Fantasy game.

Umi was expected to be the first banner character released from the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update, but Umi is right now available only in the Chinese game version of Tower of Fantasy, as Umi was about to make her debut on November 1, 2022, itself through the game’s 2.3 updates.

But the leaks of Tower of Fantasy have been revealing the UMI character’s gameplay, abilities and powers to the fans. Umi is expected to be the Tower of Fantasy banner character and is also a Simulacrum weapon in the game.

Umi Tower of Fantasy Global Release Date, Character Gameplay & More Updates

Umi Tower of Fantasy

As of now umi simulacrum is available only in CN region version of Tower of Fantasy, and the latest leaks suggest that umi global release date is only slotted for 2023.

Yes, umi girl will make her debut in Tower of Fantasy global versions only in 2023, fans of Tower of Fantasy will have to wait a little more time to see the umi lady girl character in the game.

Basically umi is one of the powerful female characters with incredible stats and unique traits to her. Umi has her physical element as her strength and trait.

Umi is also expected to be the very first Simulacra from all of the weapons based on dung roi. Umi will predominantly use the physical element weapons in the game for attacks. Travelers need more red nuclei to get umi simulacrum from the limited gacha banner once umi makes her global release debut in Tower of Fantasy.

More About Umi in Tower of Fantasy – Know it Now

Umi Tower of Fantasy

Umi debuted on CN version of Tower of Fantasy 2.3 on Nov 1, 2022. Umi global release date for Tower of Fantasy is from 2023 early months. Umi will debut in Tower of Fantasy worldwide in 2023 as a Simulacrum and Weapon from her banner.

Going by the updates umi will also be the very first simulacra which is going to use the whip as her weapon on Tower Of Fantasy. Umi’s Tower of Fantasy weapons will be based on the physical elements and grevious elements in the game.

Umi gameplay was revealed during the trailer of Tower of Fantasy 2.3, as she was possessed by an unknown mysterious entity in the game, then umi also acted as cold and she’s also plotting something to deceive the Lin character of the game.

Umi is also expected to play the simulacrum and DD roles in the Tower of Fantasy game after here global release. Travelers of Tower of Fantasy just need to patiently wait for the developers to roll out her character soon from 2023.


That’s everything we have gotten at our Gaming Acharya for you all about the Umi Tower of Fantasy lady character. All details about Umi global release date, abilities and gameplay from Tower of Fantasy have been revealed here at our GA end.

Stay tuned tor more Tower of Fantasy exclusive news and updates, umi simulacrum weapon and character leaks from our end.

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