Tower of Fantasy Global Banner Schedule 2022

The forthcoming Tower of Fantasy global banner schedule will include new characters and weaponry in the worldwide edition of the game, such as Lin, Saki Fuwa, and Ruby. The following Tower of Fantasy banners on the schedule uncover what characters will compel their presentation and which fan top picks will get back to the gacha framework. Hotta Studio’s anime game has been available in China for some time, so we know who will be joining the roster of playable simulacra and how frequently they will cycle.

Red cores, which are especially exceptional in contrast with the other core monetary standards available, are expected for the best approaching Tower of Fantasy banners. You might acquire them in-game through finishing Tower of Fantasy Claire’s Fantasy Machine errands or by taking part in brief time frame occasions like the Tower of Fantasy Aida Bistro, however these potential outcomes are restricted.

The ‘HOT’ store is the most dependable source of red nuclei. A solitary Red Core costs 150 Dull Gems, so anticipate setting aside 1,500 Dim Precious stones for a heap of 10 Extraordinary Orders.

Tower of Fantasy Global Banner Schedule

Tower of Fantasy Global Banner Schedule

Lin is speculated to be the next Tower of Fantasy banner, however some speculate that it may be Saki Fuwa. It will doubtlessly run from November 9 to November 30, just after the Ruby banner.

Tower of Fantasy Banners

The approaching Tower of Fantasy characters are all recorded underneath:

  • Saki Fuwa banner, 
  • Lin banner,
  • Tian Lang banner, 
  • Lyra banner,
  • Annabella banner

Tower of Fantasy’s Chinese version additionally features various partnership events with more simulacra, such as Baiyuekui and Marc. Hotta Studio has now indicated that collaborative simulacra are unlikely to appear in the worldwide edition “because of copyright constraints,” thus we haven’t included their banners in the above list.

Current Tower of Fantasy Event Banners

Ruby is highlighted in the ongoing Tower of Fantasy occasion banner, which additionally contains her Desert Sun weapon banner and Dreamwalker network banner.  It will run from October 20 through November 10, 2022.

The likelihood possibilities for both Ruby event banners are the same as for the normal Choice Weapons and Choice Matrices banners. This comes with the additional restriction that any SSR weapon or matrix obtained from the corresponding restricted banners has a 50% chance of becoming Ruby.

Tower of Fantasy Standard Banners

Decision Weapons and Decision Grids are the fundamental Tower of Fantasy banners. Decision Weapons is the default pool for bringing Tower of Fantasy weapons or simulacra.

The Chinese variant of the RPG game has uncovered that limited Tower of Fantasy simulacra would at last advance from occasion banners to the ordinary banner pool. While this implies you will not need to trust that banners will return on the off chance that the possibilities weren’t in support of yourself the initial time, it implies they will not have the 50-50 possibility that restricted occasion banners give.

Upcoming Tower of Fantasy Global Banner Schedule

Tower of Fantasy Global Banner Schedule

You may wish on the Choice Weapons banner using either the gold nucleus cache or the black nucleus cache, although the likelihood of obtaining anything worthwhile from either varies greatly. While both gold and black nuclei may be discovered spread around the Tower of Fantasy map, black nuclei is significantly more prevalent, and obtaining the funds to construct a full ten-stack Special Order using black nuclei is far simpler than with gold nuclei.

To account for rarity, the chances of acquiring an SSR weapon from the black nucleus cache are 0.3%, whereas the gold nucleus cache gives a 0.75% chance. Furthermore, after 80 Special Orders are placed through the gold nucleus cache, you are always assured to get an SSR weapon, but the black nucleus stockpile has no such pity system.

That’s all we know about the new Tower of Fantasy banners. If you’re interested in seeing what else the open-world game has to offer, check out everything that’s now accessible in the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, as well as how to go to Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy. It does need you to achieve a particular level, so if you haven’t already, check out our Tower of Fantasy leveling guide to get there faster.

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