Path To Nowhere Astrologer: Skills, Abilities & More!

What do you know about the Path To Nowhere Astrologer sinner character of the game. As Path to Nowhere has had several sinners, it’s time for Astrologer sinner girl to enter the world of Path to Nowhere. Here’s the Path to Nowhere astrologer sinner character review, abilities, power and more here at GA.

After the Zoya girl sinner, Path to Nowhere is bringing out another powerful lady character as its Sinner which is the Astrologer girl. Astrologer Sinner is touted to be one of the best and intimidating powerful characters of the game.

Astrologer Sinner comes out from the top S Tier category list in Path to Nowhere, the major powers of Astrologer are AoE damage, longer ranging attacks, dealing damages covering several squares and areas easily.

All About Path To Nowhere Astrologer:

Path To Nowhere Astrologer

Firstly astrologer sinner belongs to the top tier S rarity, her job is arcane in the game. With an attacking speed of 0.75 Astrologer can easily inflict severe attacks and damages.

Her strength is the Area of Effect with 1 block for damages. Astrologer sinner has some of the powerful and incredible stats in Path to Nowhere which the other sinners don’t possess.

The magical damage type of astrologer makes her one of the sinners to look out for in the game. The arcane sinner astrologer from S Tier will make her debut in Path to Nowhere from November 10, 2022 through the new raging sand events.

Stats of Astrologer Sinner in Path to Nowhere – Know it Here

The astrologer sinner girl has the best stats and abilities in Path to Nowhere, here are they.

  • Victory Star Skills
  • Dealing Damages in Squares
  •  130% Deal Damage near the nine square grid
  • 240 Defense
  • 0.75 Attack
  • Upto 3680 HP
  • Attack 644
  • Astrological Basic Attacks
  • Magic Weapon Abilities

All these are the prowess and potential the upcoming astrologer sinner will unleash in Path to Nowhere debut from this week.

When Will Astrologer Sinner Come in Path to Nowhere? – Astrologer Sinner Release Date is Here 

Path To Nowhere Astrologer

Many players are asking about the Astrologer sinner date in Path to Nowhere game. As PTN has a new raging sands even from 10th of Nov 2022, exactly on the same date and during the Raging Sands event of Path to Nowhere the S Tier Astrologer sinner will be debuting and arriving to the game finally.

Apart from Astrologer sinner debut, the raging sands event of Path to Nowhere also has several new events and updates for the players from this thursday.

Just 2 more days to witness the fiery astrologer girl in this action game, firstly players will try to explore her ultimate skill which allows you to deal damage throughout covering a 9 square grid.

Star Guidance and Realm are the other additional abilities of Astrologer, players can constantly upgrade her skills with the skill up feature option in the game. Astrologer can use upto 5 shackles and also has the best stats when compared to the other common sinners of Path To Nowhere.


Now that’s everything about the Path to Nowhere astrologer sinner character of the game at gaming acharya. All details regarding the astrologer sinner overview, guide, stats, abilities, skills and powers of her in Path To Nowhere are shared at GA here.

Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive information about the Path to Nowhere Astrologer sinner which is also coming to the game from 10 November, 2022.

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