All about Path to Nowhere Maze Home 2022

When you initially begin Path to Nowhere Maze Home, you will be introduced to the main plot, in which you will be presented as the main chief. Following your gender selection, a few dialogues will play out before the first gaming lesson begins. When the first instructional encounter begins, a tank unit (the unit that can absorb the most damage) will be put at the front of the battlefield. In this example, the fundamental harm vendor (your aide) will be positioned straightforwardly before you (the boss) and will be covered by the tank with the goal that she might convey harm to the adversaries.

You are at last coordinated to put the tank one tile down since another foe is generating from the base. The primary tank will deal with the stronger opponent, while another archer emerges from the upper vent. As the opposing mob grows larger, the adjutant can draw out a shield and shelter herself and you (the chief), and the tutorial combat is done.

Battle UI in Path to Nowhere Maze Home

All about Path to Nowhere Maze Home 2022

First, during a combat, the player may see a little number at the top of their screen that indicates the amount of “normal,” or lesser, foes that will be headed your way and are within your range. Then there’s your SAN, which is basically your life points. It is critical to keep your life or your shackles; but, if you are ready to give up some of your SAN, a stronger adversary can be damaged more readily at your price.

Path to Nowhere Maze Home: UI Sinner

Hella (miscreant) will be used to monitor you among various Path to Nowhere Maze Home, so you might do a dispatch endlessly request utilizing one of the shackle associations with move Hella before you, and she will actually want to close off one enemy. Recall that every heathen has a block limit for every foe, and that implies that they can obstruct enemies a couple of times before their protection wall fizzles and the rival simply penetrates through them.

There will be a weak blue line underneath their green HP bars, which will likewise be known as their energy. The energy builds up throughout time, and they eventually unleash their final assault. Whenever the energy level arrives at a specific point, you will be mentioned to tap on the ability of the matching heathen, and for this situation, Hella’s definitive capacity, known as “Road Equity,” will be seen.

All about Path to Nowhere Maze Home 2022

Path to Nowhere Maze Home: Arresting

Arresting, also known as gacha pulls, will be presented to you next. On this page, players may select their favorite “sinners” and add them to their squad and arsenal. Your initial “arrest” will be free, and after you earn a character, you will receive something called a Confidential Arrest Credit, which will be utilized to gain resource rewards.

For every ten pulls, the player will be assured at least one A sinner. The 10 arrests will cost you only $8 for the novice banner and will secure you your first S-tier sinner. When you return to the main screen, or the Bureau, there will be an option on the top right that will take you to a place known as the Discity. When you open the screen, you will have access to your story stages, commonly known as chapters.

Path to Nowhere Maze Home: Story Stages 

When you enter any stage, you will be greeted by a screen. There will be a Special Mission that players must achieve, as in this case, we must lose 0 SAN in the combat. Players will be able to see the prizes below, which will include 35 hypercubes, ice stone raw ores, and a random low-level substance.

There will be an opponent details page underneath the stage description, which will exhibit the foes you can anticipate to battle, and the mobs in the first story stage will be an underground fistfighter and a gang thug.

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