Intel Gathering Tower of Fantasy Locations & Guide

Have you completed the first stage of the new Intel Gathering Tower of Fantasy event? As Tower of Fantasy has unleashed there new time limited mode events for November 2022, one amongst them is this Intel Gathering event, here are the complete Intel Gathering locations and guide from our GA end.

This Intel Gathering is the ultimate weapon based event in Tower of Fantasy, all three weapon events from Tower of Fantasy will run till 14 November 2022. The intel gathering event is not easy as you must all explore through the map regions in Tower of Fantasy.

The intel gathering event from Tower of Fantasy is all about wanderers and travelers finding the locations, searching for some enemies, and clicking some amazing pictures with them, the intel gathering event also gives away some rewards to the wanderers.

Intel Gathering Tower of Fantasy Locations & Guide

Intel Gathering Tower of Fantasy

To complete this interesting intel gathering mission, first find out where these lo

cations of Intel Gathering are available on the map, here’s the best Intel Gathering list of locations on Tower of Fantasy for this ultimate weapon event 2022,

  • Warren Snowfield Location
  • Crown Mines
  • Lapetus
  • Banges Factory
  • Banges Dock Space Rift
  • Heirs of Aida Base

All these are the available intel gathering locations, head over to these places and find some opponents to click some lively photos with them to finish this ultimate weapon event from Tower of Fantasy.

More Guide for Intel Gathering in Tower Of Fantasy  

As the locations for Intel Gathering mission have been listed above, here’s the enemies list you can find them at the map regions and take pictures,

  • Frenzy Bird
  • Theia
  • Rhea
  • Lapetus
  • Chronos
  • Lun
  • Phoebe
  • Ben
  • Crius
  • Themis
  • Mnemosyne
  • Sinful Flame
  • Kai
  • Hyperion
  • Oceanus

All these are the enemies you will be able to explore for this Intel Gathering event in Tower of Fantasy, meet them and take a picture, then return back to the ultimate event page section and claim your rewards for successfully completing this Intel Gathering mission of Tower of Fantasy.

List of Rewards for Intel Gathering Event:

Intel Gathering Tower of Fantasy

Once you take pictures with the enemies at the intel gathering locations, return back to ultimate event page on Tower of Fantasy to claim these unique rewards,

  • Encrypted Disks
  • Aida Keepsakes
  • Currencies
  • Red Nuclei
These are the intel gathering event rewards, you may exchange these tokens and obtain some of the best in-game rewards in Tower of Fantasy, as even each enemy has a value of 200 encrypted disk tokens.

More About Intel Gathering in Tower Of Fantasy 

Those who don’t know how to take pictures at the intel gathering spots, enter and use the photo mode in the photo section of Tower of Fantasy which is at the top most left on your screens.

Literally you must explore the intel gathering locations and take pictures with three monsters of the game which are available at over 20 regions in Tower of Fantasy.

Now it’s all upto you to take part in this Tower of Fantasy limited time mini gameplay events and missions from the ultimate weapon event on the game’s event section page and get the tokes as the rewards to exchange them at the event store and the shops of Tower of Fantasy.

Daily wanderers may earn upto 1,300-1,400 tokens for this ultimate weapon event 2022 missions in Tower of Fantasy.


Now that’s a ga wrap for this Intel Gathering Tower of Fantasy event guide related article, all info about the intel gathering ultimate weapon event in Tower of Fantasy, intel gathering locations and rewards with guide have all been shared here on our gaming acharya handle.

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