Roblox Shindo Life New Update: Shindo Life Halloween Updates 2022

What are the latest Shindo Life new update and patch notes? The Shindo Life is an interesting addition to the Roblox gaming platform and here are the Shindo Life Halloween event updates, free redeem codes & patch notes for you all at GA.

As every Roblox user knows that the Shindo Life game is highly inspired and based on the famous anime series Naruto, this Shindo Life is all about exploring the maps and tussling with the other anime characters on the game’s battles.

Shindo Life was also earlier given the name of Shinobi Life 2 in Roblox, as it focuses majorly on the life experience of Shinobi, and now it’s all and only about the another Naruto Anime series.

Now let’s see the exclusive latest Roblox Shindo Life halloween updates, november month updates and leaks which have been shared by their developers RELL World.

Shindo Life New Update – Roblox Shindo Life Halloween Updates & Patch Notes November 2022

Shindo Life New Update

The new Halloween update for Shindo Life Roblox is live today, the patch notes of Shindo Life also revealed several new rewards and features for gamers.

The new Halloween update for Shindo Life Roblox is live today, the patch notes of Shindo Life also revealed several new rewards and features for gamers.

Here are the exclusive Roblox Shindo Life updates from the patch notes,

  • A new competitive system has been added in Shindo Life.
  • Gigantic Beast Combat System will be introduced.
  • Fall map has been changed.
  • New halloween tingz.
  • 7th Tailed Beast Gen 3 version.
  • Puppet Combat Art, Puppet Customizer
  • Raikiri Senko v2, Rasengan Senko v2, Odama Rasengan v2, Dual Raikiri v2 are all added to the latest halloween update of Shindo Life on the Roblox.

More Updates in Shindo Life  

As some features are added to the latest patch update and halloween update events in Shindo Life Roblox, let’s see the Shindo Life other notable changes from the halloween update,

  • The Deva rengoku 3rd handsign is getting reduced reduced to 1.
  • Ray Kerada’s log void nerfs.
  • Sage Reworks will now be able to get inf mode after desummoning the clone once after hitting the zero mode.
  • snakeman q spec damage has been sorted and fixed.
  • acid second and acid last, cement 3rd, Water 3rd damage , pyro 6th move are all fixed too.

All these are the glitch and fixes from the patch update in Roblox Shindo Life for November 2022. Many glitch fix have been done for the latest halloween event updates of Shindo Life in the Roblox gaming platform now.

Latest Roblox Shindo Life Free Redeem Codes November 2022

Shindo Life New Update

As already told along with the Shindo Life halloween updates, the latest free redeem codes for Shindo Life Roblox are also available too.

  • G00dvib3zOnly
  • beleave1t
  • shindorengo
  • 20kcoldRC
  • 2ndYearSL2hyp3
  • RELLYrellcoins
  • RyujiMomesHot
  • G04thasR3turned
  • Ragnaarr

All these are the latest released Shindo Life codes for Roblox users, players and fans. More free redeem codes for Roblox Shindo Life can be expected very sooner too.

These new Shindo Life November month 2022 redeem codes in Roblox are used for only spins and also the RELL coins too as of now.


Now that’s a wrap for this Roblox Shindo Life update news and leaks from Gaming Acharya. All the new and latest exclusive Shindo Life Roblox Halloween event updates, Shindo Life November month patch notes, and leaks with the updates are all shared here at GA now.

Stay tuned for more Roblox Shindo Life updates and leaks here, follow our handle for all the latest gaming news and e-Sports updates here. Stay tuned for more video game-related content and articles here on our GA site here.

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