Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine Interrogation Phase 1 & 2

Trying to put up the finest squad possible? Counsel our Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine to pick the most gifted and viable friends. The game is as of now accessible for download, and it incorporates full voice acting in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine Interrogation Phase 1 and 2is the market’s newest gacha game, with a novel narrative, amazing soundtrack, and a wide cast of characters to collect. As the head of the MBCC, you must jail Sinners and exploit their skills to avoid the apocalypse in the year NF 112. The pandemic of monster-like people will not cease without your help.

What kind of Path to Nowhere Ninetine Nine characters exist?

Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine Interrogation Phase 1 & 2

There are a few distinct kinds of Delinquents in Path to Nowhere. There are characters that specialize in doing a lot of damage, such as Ninety-Nine or Dolly, as well as soldiers who have healing abilities and others who have exceptionally fast attacks.

Wendy is a unit that is particularly built to deal with several adversaries at once. If you require healers, Hamel is an excellent option, or you may purchase support units like Anne and Ariel to provide buffs. Hecate and Pacassi are two occasions of mysterious experts that exclusively manage enchanted assaults.

There is a gone class, which incorporates EMP as a bow client naturally. Peggy, K.K., and Demolia are examples of defensive troops that serve as shields. Because there are no clearly defined categories for these Sinners, you’ll need to read each one’s bio to determine what they can accomplish and what kind of team they would function best in.

Rerolling in Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine percent phase 1 and 2

If you don’t know how to Reroll in Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine, just follow these steps:

  • Start the game and navigate to the main screen, where you must pick your account type.
  • Users may log in using their Facebook, Google, Apple, or Twitter accounts.
  • Select your account type and proceed to your profile.
  • Complete the initial four sections of the account mode, numbered 1-1 to 1-5. You may now access the mail and acquire the items needed to complete the first five chapters. Make sure to receive the Pre-Registration prizes from the main menu as well.
  • Visit the Capture region and Reroll utilizing the materials/rewards. In the event that you are disappointed with the characters you have, sign in with an alternate record type.
  • A solitary Reroll run will take around 20 to 25 minutes to wrap up.

Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine Interrogation Phase 1 & 2

How can I gain extra characters in Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine Phase 1?

Path to Nowhere Ninetine Nine is a gacha game highlighting a draw framework and irregular person opens. There’s also a pity mechanism at work, so if your luck has been terrible lately, you’ll occasionally get a rarer Sinner. To obtain additional characters, click one of the banners in the lower left corner of the main menu. You may grab whatever banner you want from here. For example, Summer has just raised banner costs.

Furthermore, warrants may be utilized to carry out arrests, giving you a new persona. These may be gained as missions rewards or purchased using Hypercubes. If Path to Nowhere isn’t enough for you, we have plenty of other Android games to recommend. Check out this year’s best free Android games, as well as some fun RPGs. 

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