Kill 5 Enemies Using Demo Expert Perk In COD Mobile

Have you all successfully accomplished the new mission using the Demo Expert Perk in COD Mobile?

As COD Mobile season 10 is gearing up, the COD Mobile S9 has a new exclusive Boom Operator event for the players where the players need to equip the demo expert perk and kill over 5 other COD enemies most importantly in the Multiplayer gaming mode matches.

The task is so clear and easy for the COD Mobile players now, as it’s a simple mission where you just need to explore and look out for some other 5 enemies in the MP matches and kill them while being the demo expert perk being equipped.

How To Easily Kill 5 Enemies Using The Demo Expert Perk In COD Mobile?

Demo Expert Perk In COD Mobile

First launch COD Mobile game to take part and participate in this demo expert perk weapon based mission, then explore then explore the boom operator mission events on CODM S9 and proceed to this mission quest of killing over 5 enemies using and equipping the Demo Expert Perk in COD Mobile.

Now carry out and take this demo expert perk which is also a tier 3 perk in COD Mobile, find out 5 enemies and kill then when your demo expert perk is equipped, as the explosives, weapons and guns get over 25%-30% increase in damage stats in COD Mobile.

So simply speaking about this demo expert perk in CODM, it provides a huge boost especially to the damage stats and abilities of the other weapons of COD Mobile.

That’s how this new COD Mobile Season 9 last mission is done, the boom operator event is available now with several missions for the COD gamers, and you can opt for this mission of killing over 5 enemies using this demo expert perk in Call Of Duty : Mobile now.

Rewards for the Demo Expert Perk Mission on Call of Duty: Mobile

Demo Expert Perk In COD Mobile

Folks you will also get some rewards and bounties for successfully accomplishing this new demo expert perk based mission in COD : Mobile now.

Here are the list of demo expert perk based mission rewards in COD Mobile,

  • x2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Lava Launcher

Now it’s upto you all to successfully complete the demo expert perk mission from the boom operator event of COD Mobile and get these rewards in return once after you successfully get the 5 kills.

About the Demo Expert Perk in Call of Duty Mobile 

As already said this demo expert perk is an explosive item that can go well with some of the best COD Mobile explosives, weapons, and guns.

The major trait of this demo expert perk in CODM is that it has the capability to enhance and boost the stats of the weapons and explosives, especially for the damages in the missions of the games.

The demo expert perk will get more updates and buffs from the COD Mobile 10th season officially, as the game’s next S10 is coming by next week globally for all the COD Mobile fans.


That’s a wrap for this demo expert perk in the COD Mobile article on GA. The tips to complete the demo expert perk mission of COD Mobile have all been huge and shared on gaming acharya now.

How to kill 5 enemies using the demo expert perk in COD Mobile Season 9 guide and tricks with all the necessary ga steps are shared here. Stay tuned for more leaks and updates about COD Mobile Season 10 from our end soon.

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