COD Warzone Mobile Release Date in India?

Has the COD Warzone Mobile release date in India been officially unveiled? COD Warzone has been a lively game on PC and other consoles, yet the COD Warzone game for mobile fans is yet to arrive and release officially. Here are all GA leaks about the COD Warzone Mobile official Indian region release date, updates, features, rewards & skins.

As already said the COD Warzone is a stupendous hit on PC, the PC users are so lucky that even the Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 version of the game is arriving for all but on the other hand the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile version release is yet to even get its official release date.

As soon as the developers Raven Software, Infinity War, and also the makers of publishers Activision officially confirmed the COD Warzone Mobile game in 2022, the expectations were sky-level for this battle royale action-adventure game.

What’s the Official COD Warzone Mobile Release Date in India? 

COD Warzone Mobile Release Date in India

Those fans of COD Mobile who await the release date for COD Warzone in Mobile, your wait is set to continue even more, as COD Warzone Mobile is only getting released officially in 2023.

Yes, so the latest exclusive update is that Call Of Duty : Warzone Mobile version of the game will have its official release and launch in 2023, as COD Warzone Mobile official global release date for 2023 is set to be unveiled very soon for all the COD fans officially.

COD Warzone Mobile Leaks, Features, Updates 

If the release date of COD Mobile Warzone is for 2023, then the other leaks of COD Warzone Mobile version are here for you all,

  • COD Warzone Mobile will have driving vehicles, buy stations, gulag, battlefield.
  • Aircraft, verdansk battlefield map from the Kastovia map region of COD.
  • Light tank, heavy chopper, tactical vehicles, UTV, boats.
  • Floor IT Vehicle Skin, Custom Weapons, Loots for the Tacticals, Lethal Loots.

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Pre-registration News, Leaks & Rewards 

What if the COD Warzone Mobile release date is not available, players and fans of COD can always pre-register for the same game on Google Playstore, as of now only the Android mobile users will be eligible to get access to the Pre-registration of COD Warzone Mobile and its rewards.

Here are some of the official listed rewards for the Pre-registration event of COD Warzone Mobile in 2022,

  • Mystery Player Skins
  • Vehicle Skins
  • Emblems
  • Dark Familiar Emblems
  • Prince Of Hell Blueprint Weapon Skins
  • Free Boats
  • Foe’s Flame Vinyl
  • Archfiend Blueprint Weapon Skins
  • New Vehicle Based Guns
  • New Exclusive Weapon Guns

When Will COD Warzone Mobile India Release Date Be Officially Announced?

COD Warzone Mobile Release Date in India

Has it been revealed from the makers Activision for all the COD Warzone fans?

Know the COD Warzone Mobile Official Release Date For India Here 

As of now there’s no proper information on when will the developers and publishers of COD Warzone Mobile reveal the official release date for the game, but COD Warzone for Mobile users of India is for sure to only release in 2023.

The official announcement regarding CODM Warzone for all the Indian fans may arrive by this Nov or Dec 2022, if it misses then expect the official Indian release date of COD Mobile Warzone in the early months of 2023, till then stay tuned for exclusive more updates.


Cod Warzone Mobile release date in India article from our Gaming Acharya end is completed now. All details and leaks related to Call Of Duty : Warzone Mobile India release date, features and updates have all been shared here at GA now.

Stay tuned for more official COD Warzone Mobile leaks and updates from our handle soon, till then keep checking on our latest gaming articles and e-Sports gaming contents here for now.

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