COD Mobile RPG: How to Kill 3 Opponents Using the Rocket Launcher in CODM?

What’s this new COD Mobile RPG? As COD Mobile all set for launching the 10th season of the game, now players of CODM are assigned with a new MP mission task which is this RPG in COD Mobile.

The RPG Call Of Duty Mobile is nothing but the players of COD Mobile have to kill over 3 enemies using the any available RPG on the Multiplayer gaming mode matches of COD Mobile now.

Now with COD Mobile S10 getting ready for its grand launch, the new update from Call of Duty Mobile on its Season 9 final phase has brought on this new MP mission for the players to kill around 3 opponents using any RPG which is the Rocket Launcher weapon from Call of Duty Mobile.

COD Mobile RPG – How to Kill 3 Opponents Using the Rocket Launcher in CODM?

COD Mobile RPG

The guide to kill 3 enemies on COD Mobile MP mode missions using the RPG weapon is here at your GA now.

  • First launch the Loadout screen on COD Mobile, then proceed to select either the pistol or melee for this RPG kill mission on CODM.
  • Now choose any one of your favorite or available COD Mobile RPG Rocket Launcher weapon.
  • Now progress to kill 3 enemies on the COD Mobile multiplayer gaming mode using the selected RPG.
  • Start your MP mode game in the new COD Mobile update mission, get 3 kills or kill any 3 enemies of COD Mobile with the RPG and finally this complete the mission too.

Players who successfully accomplish and complete this new COD Mobile MP mode mission using the RPG rocket launcher will be successfully getting their rewards which are the in-game tokens.

Now with the tokens granted as a reward for the RPG mission in COD Mobile, you may use the tokens further to unlock more in-game rewards like cosmetics, skins and weapons or guns especially when the COD Mobile Season 10 is getting ready for its release from November 11, 2022.

About the Call of Duty Mobile RPG Mission – Know it Here 

COD Mobile had unvaulted the new update and additionally a new multiplayer mission for the gamers is also available.

COD Mobile RPG

Where the CODM gamers must use the RPG or the Rocket Launcher to kill over 3 enemies and opponents, and also get the tokens as the rewards for this CODM RPG challenges and missions now.

Mostly this could well be the final set of COD Mobile missions using the RPG before the season 10 of COD Mobile begins from next week officially.

The COD Mobile Season 10 definitely promises to be a fest for all the players with so much of updates, tons of features, rewards and more for the gamers and fans.

All COD Mobile players and users are in for a complete visual treat once the 10th season of the game commences grandly from next week, there will be new events and challenges immediately after the COD Mobile Season 10 grandly begins. Let’s wait for more COD Mobile Season 10 leaks and updates from next week officially.


That’s a wrap for this COD Mobile RPG on our gaming acharya site. Stay tuned for more COD Mobile updates and content on our GA end. Now use the RPG in COD Mobile MP missions to kill the 3 enemies and also get the tokens as your reward.

Once more updates for COD Mobile Season 10 come out officially, we will share them with you all at our GA handle. Till then do check out our latest gaming articles and updates here.

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