Balladeer Scaramouche Boss Location Genshin Impact 2022

Balladeer Scaramouche Boss Location: Balladeer Scaramouche may now be kicked in the backside in Genshin Impact, as he controls a gigantic mech, Shouki no Kami, in the Joururi Studio Destroy Space. You should complete the “Archon Mission Part 3: Act 5. Where the Boat of Cognizance Falsehoods” journey to get to this space.

Beating Scaramouche and accepting the rewards wins you the normal Ascension Gems, Artifacts, and a chance to win Midlander Billets. Eminently, he grants the rising materials for ability Manikin Strings, Reflection of Mushin, and Daka’s Ringer. As of this writing, only Nahida is making use of his contents.

To defeat him in both stages, utilize the Neo Akasha Terminal provided by Nahida in the tale. Energy cores will fall to the ground throughout the conflict. Getting them initiates the Neo Akasha Terminal. For this battle, we suggest bringing a Pyro or Cryo character, as well as a bow-client. He has a great resilience to electro harm, so leave your electro characters at home.

Balladeer Scaramouche Boss Location Genshin Impact

Balladeer Scaramouche Boss Location Genshin Impact

You should satisfy two essentials to fight Balladeer Scaramouche:

  • Accomplish Experience Rank 35 or above.
  • At the point when the Akasha Heartbeats are all finished, the Kalpa Fire rises Part III: Act V

Assuming you are new to the game, it might require an investment to procure Rank 35, however you might in any case confront the week-after-week boss by entering the space with another player who fits the essentials. In terms of quests, it can take anywhere between 3 and 4 hours to accomplish all of them, so plan accordingly.

Once you’ve met the requirements, open your map and head to Joururi’s Workshop in Tevyat’s Chinvat Ravine. Subsequent to choosing the Scaramouche area occurrence in the studio, you will actually want to confront the Balladeer boss there. It’s just as simple as that; feel free to follow this methodology to find the Balladeer boss in the game!

Balladeer Scaramouche Boss Fight Genshin Impact: Part 1

This stage of the fight isn’t too difficult. If your group is sufficiently leveled, you may simply keep bashing on the monster, ignoring most mechanics. If your group is suffering and receiving a lot of damage, use the Neo Akasha Terminal to eliminate the elemental effects and charge yourself up. You might accomplish this by enacting it while remaining on the ground’s natural frameworks. They carry out the following tasks:

  • Pyro: Removes the ground’s Cryo effect.
  • Cryo: Disposes of the Pyro impact on the ground.
  • Anemo: Makes an air current to help you in keeping away from attacks.
  • Hydro: Continuous healing.
  • Electro: Subdues the boss. The boss will be stunned if both Electro Matrixes are activated.

In any case, on the off chance that you have an equipped healer or shielder, you can disregard the vast majority of those and essentially enact both Electro Lattices to shock him and beat him up unafraid.

Balladeer Scaramouche Boss Location Genshin Impact

Balladeer Scaramouche Boss Fight Genshin Impact: Part 2

You can waste time launching your greatest strikes at the boss, but you should really simply use the Neo Akasha Terminal as much as possible. When the energy cores materialize, Four-Leaf Sigils appear above them, allowing you to instantly jet around the battlefield. Once you’ve collected enough energy to activate the Neo Akasha Terminal, use it to blast away the boss’s shield while avoiding strikes.

Scaramouche will soar up and become inaccessible once his shield cracks, and four Nirvana Engines will emerge in the center. Break these quickly (they’re most vulnerable to Cryo, Dendro, and Pyro) to gain additional energy for the Neo Akasha Terminal. If you don’t use it to blast him above you, he’ll one-shot your active party member.

Our squad had a difficult time striking the floating engines (Diluc, Kazuha, Xinqiu, and Bennett). Kazuha was able to destroy them with his elemental talent, but owing to cooldowns, he was unable to do so quickly enough. This is why we recommend bringing a bow-user character to assist you rapidly hit the floating ones.

If you strike him correctly, he will collapse and become paralyzed, allowing you to inflict significant damage. Sure enough, you should be able to defeat him. When his shield is down, you can continue to use the Neo Akasha Terminal to deplete large quantities of his health at once.

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