WoW Retrieving Realm List Stuck – How to Fix the Realm List Error in World of Warcraft in 2022

Has the WoW retrieving realm list stuck error come up once again? World of Warcraft Shadowlands users have a plethora of error issues and technical bugs in the game, once again the players of WoW are experiencing some issues while they try to get the realm list and the loading screen.

These realm list issues are not new for WoW players, as even when Blizzard Entertainment launched WoW Shadowlands, the players experienced these issues while trying to retrieve the realm list on their servers.

The issue is all about WoW players trying to login they are either getting disconnected out of the servers or they are shown the popup of “retrieving realm list” and this is happening for many of the players who continuously play World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

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WoW Retrieving Realm List Stuck – How to Fix the Realm List Error in World of Warcraft

WoW Retrieving Realm List Stuck

As we proceed to the solutions for fixing the WoW realm list, even the officials from the Blizzard Entertainment developers spoke about this, the Blizzard Entertainment community manager even acknowledged the WoW players getting stuck while retrieving the realm list as the realm was increased in World of Warcraft Shadowlands for more players to enjoy this massive multiplayer action role game.

Players of WoW who are getting stuck on retrieving the realm list will be shown with a pop-up on the screen like either you have been disconnected or the retrieving realm list with the cancel and reconnect options on the device screen.

Fix the Retrieving Realm List in WoW Shadowlands Now  

Okay, now it’s time to finally see the steps and solutions to fix the World of Warcraft Shadowlands realm list errors,

  • First when you are stuck on retrieving the realm list on WoW, just wait on the servers, if the session gets expired then keep logging in to WoW servers again and again till you are solving the realm list issues.
  • If you are disconnected on WoW and getting stuck on the realm list, try logging in to WoW game as an administrator for solving it.
  • Next option to fix the stuck with retrieving the realm list on World Of Warcraft is to check for the internet connection settings and also the wifi settings.
  • Then you can uninstall and reinstall World of Warcraft Shadowlands to fix the same retrieving realm list problems.
  • Reboot the devices or consoles on which you play the WoW game to resolve getting stuck with retrieving the realm list 2022 error issues.

More on WoW Retrieving Realm List Stuck 

Fix the Realm List Error in World of Warcraft

Now players of World of Warcraft Shadowlands who experience and have these retrieving realm list stuck issues on their consoles and devices may try out all of the best GA solutions and steps to easily fix the WoW realm list bugs in 2022.

If the problems persistent while you try to retrieve the realm list for WoW, then raise a query to the technical team of World of Warcraft to sort out all these bugs of WoW.

But these solutions must be enough for you all to fix the stuck on retrieving the realm list on World of Warcraft 2022. Stay tuned for more solutions for WoW realm list from here at GA.


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