Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22: All Bugs Fixed & New Updates!

The PS4, PC, & Xbox One are now receiving Rocket League patch notes v2.22. The most recent version included a number of adjustments, modifications, and fixes to the game, based on the official Rocket League patch notes v2.22. Along with these improvements, Rocket League patch notes v2.22 has stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a large update brought the Aston Martin DBS of Agent 007 to the game. Unfortunately, there are still a number of issues in the game that affect gamers. A couple of these problems will be fixed with the Rocket League patch notes v2.22 released today.

Update v2.21 only has recently been updated; it was released on October 21st, 2022. As a result, we still believe that the release of Rocket League update 2.22 will take some time.

Rocket League patch notes v2.22 is released, most probably today November 2, or Wednesday, November 9, assuming 2.21 includes content linked to Halloween.

Changes In Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22:-

Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22

To provide you with more precise control over the chat types that want to participate in, Text Chat has been divided into three dropdown menus: Quick Chat, Match Chat, & Party Chat Expanded Voice Chat settings. Player-to-player trading can now be enabled or disabled via a new setting.

  • Changes to Quick Chat and Text Chat Settings
  • Chat
  • Text
  • Quick Chat Settings

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Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22, Added Drop-down Menu:-

For those who don’t know, the patch notes would describe every piece of fresh content that is added to the game, whether it’s a standalone update or a Rocket Pass feature. They will also contain every bug that programmers have fixed.

If you’re a fan of Rocket League, the patch notes is usually rather in-depth and instructive, so it’s worth reading them. Psyonix, a game developer, benefits from constant interaction with gaming community because it enables them to adapt the game for the players.

Quick Chat:-

A dropdown option for Quick Chat has been added. Allow Quick Chat with Everybody is an option in a drop-down menu.

  • Allow only teammates to have quick chats.
  • Allow brief conversations with nobody (Off).

Match Chat :-

A dropdown option for Match Chat has been added. Allow text chat to everyone is an option that appears in a drop-down menu.

  • Just allow text messaging between friends and teammates.
  • Just allow friends to text each other.
  • Allow everyone to text you (Off).

Party Chat:-

Party Chat now has a dropdown menu. The Allow Party Text Chat with All of us option is available as a drop-down menu.

  • Allow only friends to text during parties.
  • Allow anonymous party text messaging (Off).

Enable Voice Chat In Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22:-

Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22

Changed the “Enable voice chat” checkbox located in the Settings, Chats dropdown menu. Dropdown choices consist of:

  • Enabling voice chat for all users
  • It enables vocal communication between viewers of private matches.
  • Just allow voice communication between teams and friends.
  • Allow only friends to use voice chat.
  • Enabling voice chat for everyone (off).

Your account’s parental control settings may prevent you from seeing all of the available chat choices for each category.

Player To Player Trading:-

  • Allow player-to-player trading now has a checkbox under Settings – Interface.
  • Using this checkbox determines whether you can send or accept trade requests.
  • When deactivated or unchecked, trading with other players is not possible.

Unknown Issues For Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22:-

The issues that developers are working to solve are listed below. Hopefully, the Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22 will address some of them. They were obtained from the Rocket League website.

The bottom trim, spoiler, & bumper of a painted Black Dominus don’t match the deep black colour of the rest of the car.

  • In the first 10 to 20 seconds of games, some players notice latency or stuttering.
  • Sometimes after a match, the game would stall, requiring participants to restart.
  • Some Blueprint thumbnails may disappear if you switch pages quickly.
  • While using a complete Splitscreen squad in Chaos mode on the PlayStation 4, Rocket League could crash at the end of a game.

Fixed Issue In Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22:-

  • Fixed lag and/or stutter that certain Xbox console users encountered during the first 10 to 20 seconds of the online match.
  • An issue that stopped some Xbox users from seeing buddy requests, club invites, & party invites in-game has been fixed.

New Updates In Item Shop In Rocket League Patch Notes v2.22 :-

  • A account username has been shown while making a purchase in the confirmation pop-up.
  • Text has been added explaining the return policy for items & bundles bought with real money as opposed to in-game currency. Ex: Season 8 Elite Pack, Painted Prestige Bundle.
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