Lun the Lieutenant Location in Tower of Fantasy 2022

In Tower of Fantasy, Lun the Lieutenant and Electronic Locks guard chests behind barriers. These boxes hold a wealth of valuable loot that may be used to enhance players’ equipment or even pull for the newest Tower of Fantasy heroes. There are various Electronic Locks spread across Aesperia, ready for gamers to enjoy their riches.

Look for the robots in the vicinity to get the password that opens the Electronic Lock. The robots will be referred to by a similar name as the Electronic Lock. To track down the DDC Electronic Lock secret phrase, for instance, gamers should search for and situate something like three DDC robots around the obstruction. The DDC Electronic Lock password in Tower of Fantasy is not only difficult to obtain, but adventurers must also contend with formidable foes such as Lun the Lieutenant.

DDC Electronic Lock Password & Lun the Lieutenant

Lun the Lieutenant Location in Tower of Fantasy 2022

Lun the Lieutenant and DDC Electronic Lock secret word in Pinnacle of Imagination is 3594. Players will be able to unlock the Golden Supply Pod within the room behind the barrier after correctly inputting the password. These Inventory Cases are valuable since they every now and again incorporate somewhere around one Pinnacle of Imagination Brilliant Core.

Lun the Lieutenant and DDC Electronic Lock is situated at Crown’s Seaforth Moor, simply before The Lumine transport. The lock has a four-digit password, and the colony only possesses three Barrier Password Memory robots. Wanderers must first carefully look for available password digits before testing all possible numbers to discover the last remaining digit in order to unlock future Electronic Devices.

Lun the Lieutenant Tower of Fantasy Location

The primary Boundary Secret phrase Memory, which is challenging to find, is taken cover behind a precipice close to the camp. It is reached by mounting wooden platforms until you encounter two Aidan snipers towards the end. Vagabonds should arrive on a precipice settled underneath the wooden stage in the wake of leaping off. Players will locate their initial Barrier Password Memory here, which contains the first password digit, three.

The second Barrier Password Memory in Tower of Fantasy may be found in the camp’s docks, behind a little wooden cottage. Players will actually want to get to the third secret word digit, nine, when they draw in with the robot. Visitors may have observed that the number nine is missing from the passcode entry. In any case, simply relax, it’s still inside the reach; it’s been subbed by ‘10% off’.

Lun the Lieutenant Location in Tower of Fantasy 2022

How to deal with Lun the Lieutenant

The last Barrier Password Memory may be discovered at the beach area in front of a wooden home, just beneath the DDC Electronic Lock. However, players should proceed with caution because it is guarded by three adversaries, including Lieutenant Lun, who can be tough to deal with for some players. You need to defeat Defeat Lun the Lieutenant at Seaforth Dock to get 7 Achievement currency, 10 Dark crystals as a reward.

Subsequent to killing the recently recorded animals in Pinnacle of Imagination with a legitimate weapon, players can really look at the Obstruction Secret phrase Memory to get the last secret word digit, which is four. In addition, defeating lieutenant Lun may result in the drop of a Clair’s Dream Machine.

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