Tower Of Fantasy Rosy Letter: How To Get Rosy Letter?

To get the Tower Of Fantasy Rosy letter reward stay with us. Thorned Rose, the Halloween-themed Tower of Fantasy Rosy event, has begun selling a huge selection of special products, including clothing, accessories, a wide range of rare resources, and so much more.

You can find all the information you need about the Tower Of Fantasy Rosy letter here in this post It runs through November 2 at 23:00 (UTC-4). Let’s see more about the Tower Of Fantasy Rosy letter in the below paragraph.

More About The Tower Of Fantasy Rosy Letter:-

Tower Of Fantasy Rosy Letter

Rosy For both male and female characters, write Tower Of Fantasy Rosy letter a hat with a Halloween design, be aware that it only works with specific hairdos. Minor awards include things such as the gold nucleus, red nucleus, gold special coupon, purchase evidence, and more.

The number of times a player may win major and minor prizes of Tower Of Fantasy Rosy letter has a maximum. A player has a total of 99 draws available on the gachapon machine. You can utilise the five Rosy Gachapon Coins that were given to you at the event’s beginning here. You will need to employ 150 dark crystals each of the 94 draws.

How To Get Tower Of Fantasy Rosy Letter And Other Rewards?

You can draw different rewards from gachapon with Rosy Gachapon Coins during in the Thorned Rose event. Halloween Mi-a, Tower Of Fantasy Rosy Letter Hats, Rosy Banquet Outfits, Red Nuclei, Pumpkin Enchantments, Night of Fun, Candy Feast, and other awards are among these goodies.

However, bear in mind that just a few of the game’s hairstyles work with the Tower Of Fantasy Rosy Letter Hat. Additionally, you must finish the main tale, Ecological Station Intruders, in order to access the rewards page.

It’s a gacha event, so you’ll need to pay to participate. Each reward has a different drop rate, and your chances of getting an exclusive rewards early on aren’t great. Dark Crystals must be used to purchase Rosy Gachapon Coins, each of which can be acquired up to 94 times for 100 Dark Crystals.

You will receive 5 Rosy Gachapon Coins for free when you access this Thorned Rose event section; the remaining coins must be purchased separately. Another thing to bear in mind is that each draw has a 99-draw limit and that no reward will ever be dropped twice. It implies that you will receive all the prizes up to the draw limit.

Tower Of Fantasy Rosy Letter


Tower Of Fantasy Rose Event Guide :-

From October 26, 2022, until November 2, 2022, UTC-4, the event will take place. The event is comparable to the previously finished Summer Seabreeze event, if you’ve been playing Tower of Fantasy ever since global release. Have the 5 Rosy Gachapon Coins that are automatically supplied to all players when they join in during the event period if you want to start taking part in it.

After receiving the rewards, access the Prizes area by clicking the icon that looks like a gift in the top right corner of the screen. Look up “Free Gachapon” just on left screen in the Vera section on the lower page after entering the Rewards menu. You will then be presented with a “GO” button.

Direct access to a gachapon machines in the Vera or Aesperia sectors is also possible. Additionally, a new menu called Thorned Rose will appear where you may begin using the five Rosy Gachapon Coins.

The likelihood of receiving special rewards will be fairly small because the majority of the event will involve use of gachapon coins. Players who are using a gachapon machine for first time should be aware that there is only one way to get extra coins by making a direct retail purchase.

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