New Soulstrife Valorant Bundle – New Valorant Bundle Leaks!

The New Soulstrife Valorant bundle from Riot Games is officially revealed now. After the last latest Valorant Haunted halloween bundle addition, now it’s time for the Soulstrife bundle with its skins in Valorant. Here’s all the exclusive deets of the new Soulstrife Valorant skin bundle at GA.

After the Halloween haunted Valorant bundle was revealed, now surprisingly another Valorant bundle in the form of Soulstrife is revealed exclusively for the players now.

The Soulstrife bundle has 5 different skins which will be released soon in Valorant, but first there’s the Ion 2.0, then the haunted bundle skins and then you may expect this new Soulstrife Valorant Bundle officially in the game’s itemshop.

New Soulstrife Valorant Bundle – Release Date of the Soulstrife Skins in Valorant

New Soulstrife Valorant Bundle

As of now the new Soulstrife bundle in Valorant with its 5 skins are confirmed from Riot Games, but when you ask about the release date for this Soulstrife bundle items and skins, the date is not known yet.

But the tentative release date for the Valorant Soulstrife bundle with all the Soulstrife Skins could be in the middle on November 2022, but let’s wait for the official release date for the next Valorant Soulstrife item Bundle from the developers soon.

As of now, there’s no confirmed date for the Valorant soulstrife skins and bundle from the team of Valorant, once the date for Valorant soulstrife bundle is known, we can share it here for you all.

List of Skins in the Valorant Soulstrife Item Bundle  

So here are the Soulstrife Skins which can be brought from the new Valorant soulstrife item bundle,

  • Guardian Skins
  • Melee Weapon Soulstrife
  • Phantom Soulstrife
  • Specter Soulstrife skins
  • Ghost Soulstrife Skins
  • Scythe Soulstrife skins

All these will be the soulstrife skins which are also based on the halloween concepts from the Valorant soulstrife item bundle which are all debuting in the current season.

Price of Valorant Soulstrife Skins

New Soulstrife Valorant Bundle

Though the official price and cost for the soulstrife skins of Valorant is unknown yet, here are the speculated price for all the soulstrife skins in Valorant

  • The melee soulstrife can be purchased for 3,500 VP
  • While the other 4 Soulstrife skins will be available for 1,775 Valorant Points

There’s also no update on whether the soulstrife skins will be available as a single Valorant item bundle, or all the soulstrife skins will only be available seperately on Valorant once the soulstrife bundle comes to the itemshop.

More About the Soulstrife Skins  

There are no news for the variants and colored styles for the soulstrife itembundle skins in Valorant, yet all the soulstrife skins will be available to upgrade them to level 2 even without the need for the soulstrife skin variants.

The Soulstrife Valorant itembundle will also be available as a single item bundle for over 7,100 VP from the in-game item store of Valorant.

Does the Soulstrife Skins have Animation in Valorant? 

Many Valorant players have been asking whether this new Soulstrife skin bundle will be based on animation, or will the soulstrife skins have the kill banners or kill icons on Valorant, the answer is a straight no for now from the Riot Games.

As the new Valorant soulstrife skins will not be having the kill icons, or the animations skins or even the kill banners for soulstrife skins won’t be available too.

Now that’s everything we at Gaming Acharya know about the Valorant soulstrife skins, Valorant soulstrife bundle, soulstrife item bundle release date,  list of skins from the soulstrife item bundle, soulstrife skins price and variants with styles.

Stay tuned with GA for more exclusive Valorant gaming news and contents. Share your comments in the comment box. Stay tuned to our handle for more exclusive Esports articles and gaming content here.

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