How to deal damage to opponents with Star Wars weapon 2022

Fortnite Star Wars weapons have returned as a feature of the Vibin’ missions included Section 3 Season 3. While the district’s biomes and highlights are continually transforming, now is the ideal time to visit a few remarkable stations. This Gaming Acharya tutorial teaches How to deal damage to opponents with Star Wars weapon. The new season brings major modifications to the battle royale battlefield, existing features, and some intriguing new elements, ranging from weaponry to weekly objectives. 

In the event that you really want more help, we have a committed center with data on Star Wars weapons, how to establish Reality Saplings, week after week missions, character areas, every ongoing bug and known issues, how to fix Tempest Disorder, all Pinnacle Tokens expected to finish Snap Journeys, and the best weapons positioned in a level rundown.

Where to Find Star Wars Weapon in Fortnite

How to deal damage to opponents with Star Wars weapon 2022

Vader is meandering the fight royale region, and in the event that you’re pondering where you might find his lightsaber, the arrangement is basic: rout Vader first and afterward get it as plunder. Besides, in the event that another player has done as such previously and is cut down, you may simply get it as plunder from them or any other person shows up first.

How to deal damage to opponents with Star Wars weapon

You’re depended with harming rivals with a Star Wars weapon, for example, the E-11 Blaster Rifle, during the main seven day stretch of Vibin’ missions. The objective is earned after constructing a Device Uplink in Part 3 of the mission batches. You should have finished Parts 1 and 2, as they are sequential, albeit it can take some time to get through all goals.

Assuming that you’re pondering where to get Star Wars weaponry in Fortnite, there are five Royal Docking Coves spread around the area. These are also the locations where you can confront Darth Vader, however you can choose any of them and you should have no issue acquiring a weapon. At the time, the map shows the following Imperial Docking Bay locations:

  • All the way to the north of the map, toward the edge
  • Logjam Lotus to the northwest
  • In the map’s center, southwest of Coney Crossroads.
  • Greasy Groove to the southeast
  • The Joneses to the northeast

How to deal damage to opponents with Star Wars weapon 2022

Star War LightSaber Weapon Fortnite

All you have to do when you arrive at any of the aforementioned locations is look for the tents. Once inside, you’re likely to come upon a shimmering chest that is unlike any other. Aside from various useful goods, you may count on finding an E-11 Blaster Rifle. This will prove to be useful during one of the assignments in the primary week.

You must injure opponents with a Star Wars weapon for the mission at hand. While it doesn’t express that it should be the E-11 Blaster Rifle, this is by a long shot the least complex choice to finish the journey until further notice.

You must deliver 500 damage to your opponents, who might be other gamers, Stormtroopers, or Darth Vader himself. Even if you don’t kill anyone, as long as you cause enough damage, you’ll be OK. Keep in mind that the quest completion notice may not display until you finish the match, but you can just open the quest page to see whether you’ve already hit 500. 

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