Anvil Apex Legends: How to Get the Anvil Receiver 2022?

Anvil Apex Legends out? The famous anvil hop-up attachment from Apex Legends is all set to be unleashed today as the game’s Season 15 is also going live today. Here’s all about the Apex Legends anvil receiver hop-up from us at GA here.

Speaking about this Apex anvil receiver, the anvil is a high explosive hop-up that can do wonders for your guns and weapons in the game. Almost after one year the anvil receiver is now back to the game through the Apex Legends season 15 edition.

The anvil receiver is literally a gun hop-up which can enhance the stats and abilities of the weapons, the assault rifles, sniper rifles, R – 301 all have gotten their weapon booster with this anvil attachment.

Anvil Apex Legends – How to Get the Anvil Receiver 2022? 

Anvil Apex Legends

The legendary Apex anvil receiver golden hop-up attachment for the guns and rifles is now back in Apex Legends Season 15 from today, so we will guide you on how to obtain the anvil receiver hop-up, how to use the anvil receiver for guns in Apex Legends and which are all the guns and weapons that can use the anvil receiver attachment in the game.

How to Find and Get the Apex Legends Anvil Receiver in 2022? 

Obtaining the anvil hop-up receiver is not an uphill task in Apex Legends,

  • Players may get the anvil receiver in ground loots
  • Also get the anvil hop-up from the replicator crafting station by crafting it there itself

Other than these two the anvil receiver might be given as a free bounty rewards for specific Apex Legends challenges in the game. But for now in Apex Legends season 15, all the users and gamers can get the anvil receiver as ground loot and also by crafting at the replicator stations.

Fans are already excited for this vintage anvil receiver hop-up from Apex Legends for this current season of the game to use it on the best rifles and guns.

Which Weapons and Guns Can Use the Anvil Receiver in Apex Legends Season 15?  

Anvil Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment usually allows players to use the anvil receiver for the assault rifle gun VK-47 and also the R-301,

Now for Apex Legends season 15 the same R -301 Carbine gun with light ammo and also the flatline assault rifles, then also the VK-47 Assault rifle can all use the anvil receiver hop-up in season 15 of Apex Legends 2022.

Stats of Anvil Receiver for Apex Legends 

Now if you see the stats for the guns which use anvil receiver,

  • The R-301 gets single fire damage with more than x3 speed
  • The flatline assault guns will get 2.5x speed when they use the anvil receiver
  • Also, those users of Apex Legends who regularly use the seasoned trigger finger options may have the best shots using the anvil receiver for their guns
  • Both the R – 303, flatline assault rifle guns will get double of the damage and firing shots when they obtain and equip this wonderful weapon booster anvil receiver
  • For instance in Apex Legends if a normal gun can inflict a damage of 40 for head, then the anvil receiver will make it 80

That’s how the anvil receiver hop-up attachment is used, all the Apex Legends Season 15 players will now get the anvil golden hop-up receiver and attachment to use for their best guns and weapons available.


Now that’s a wrap for this anvil receiver in Apex Legends season 15 article from our end, we at GA have covered all about how to get the anvil receiver in Apex Legends 2022, How to find and the locations of the anvil receiver in Apex Legends season 15 and more on the anvil receiver hop-up for Apex Legends season 15 in 2022 here at our Gaming Acharya handle.

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