Valorant Halloween Bundle – Get Your Haunted Bundle 2022!

Have you all checked out the Valorant Halloween Bundle for this season? Riot Games have unvaulted the new Halloween bundle for the Valorant players which is named “Haunted”, here’s all about the Valorant Haunted bundle news for you all at our GA.

All the skins and items from the Haunted Valorant bundle will be based on haunted and spooky themes, Phantom, Ghost and Melee are all getting featured in this Valorant Haunted bundle for the Halloween event of 2022.

Although the Haunted bundle in Valorant is confirmed for now, yet no information from the team of Riot Games is revealed yet on the release date and the official pricing for the Valorant halloween bundle 2022.

Valorant Halloween Bundle – Details About the Valorant Haunted Bundle! 

Valorant Halloween Bundle

As of now the skin bundle of Haunted Valorant will feature over 5 skins, though the variants and theme are not known yet the Valorant Haunted bundle skins will be based on the haunted and ghost themes,

List of Skins in Valorant Haunted Bundle

Here’s all the haunted bundle Valorant skins for this Halloween event of 2022, here are all the Valorant Haunted skin lines

  • Phantom Skin themes
  • Guardian Skins
  • Ghost Skins
  • Melee Skins
  • Spectre skins

All these are the new Valorant Haunted bundle skin themes which are yet to get a release date officially from the developers Riot Games.

Hopefully, we get to know the haunted bundle release date for all the Valorant fans soon from Riot Games officially.

Valorant Haunted Bundle Release Date!  

Riot Games haven’t yet updated on when will they release the Valorant Haunted bundle skins officially for this halloween event in 2022.

As the recently released Ion 2.0 Valorant skins and cosmetics are available still in the game, once Riot Games removed the Valorant Ion 2.0 item bundle items, then we can expect the official release date for the Valorant halloween Haunted Bundle skin items and themes officially from them.

Hopefully the Valorant Haunted bundle comes to the in-game store of Valorant from november mid, once Riot Games finalizes the date for the Haunted bundle of Valorant, it will be shared here at our handle.

Price of Valorant Haunted Bundle Skin Themes!

Valorant Halloween Bundle  

When we speak up about the Valorant Haunted bundle price listing, it’s also not updated yet officially from the team of Riot Games, but still the good news is that the prices of all the skin themes from the Valorant Haunted bundle are known from the leakers and data miners of the game,

  • the Guardian Skin is expected at 1775 VP
  • the Spectre Skin is expected at 1775 VP
  • the Ghost Skin is expected at 1775 VP
  • the Phantom Skin is expected at 1775 VP
  • the Melee Skin alone is expected at 3550 VP

Also, the total Valorant Haunted skin bundle will be available at a price of 7100 VP, two more items free sprays and cards will also be included in the single Haunted Valorant item bundle.

About the Valorant Haunted Bundle!

That’s all for the haunted bundle cost from Valorant, Riot Games will officially announce more about Valorant’s haunted bundle skins sooner to the fans. Till then you may all have a look at these halloween event skin themes details for Valorant this year.

The Halloween bundle from Valorant is given a code name of “Haunted”, it’s all about haunted, spooky and scary for this Valorant halloween event in 2022.


That’s a wrap from Gaming Acharya for Valorant Halloween event bundle 2022. As we at GA have covered all about this year’s Valorant Haunted bundle skins, Valorant Haunted bundle skin themes, haunted bundle release date in Valorant and a lot more here.

Stay tuned for more Valorant related updates from Gaming Acharya, follow us for more gaming news here.

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