Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Tour 2022

To learn more about Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Tour event, the cyberpunk metropolis in Tower of Fantasy 2.0, go here. There is now a Mirroria Tour event, Vera. A race in which you must navigate through 10 checkpoints to collect rewards. We’ll go through things you should bear in mind.

What’s going on is as follows: In Tower of Fantasy 2.0, an hourly race takes place in Vera’s cyberpunk metropolis Mirroria. The Mirroria Tour Event permits you to race through the city with different players. You’ll gain “Pacemaker Emblems” based on your location, which you may swap for gifts in the event store.

How Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Tour works

Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Tour 2022

The Mirroria Tour event is a clear occasion that happens consistently somewhere in the range of 12:00 and 23:00 server time. You have just 10 minutes to pursue the race. Thus, the races generally start at 12:10, 13:10, 14:10, etc.

  • The tournament begins on October 27, 2022.
  • The tournament will conclude on November 9, 2022.

You must drive or run across 10 checkpoints to finish the event. The quicker you are, the higher your position and, in the long run, your Pacing Token award will be. First place will receive 1500 Pacemaker Emblems, while lesser rankings will receive 500 Pacemaker Emblems as a participation award.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for: Even while the races are simple and you have plenty of time to complete them, you must pay attention to the following factors if you want to finish first:

  • Utilize your mount as much as possible.
  • At some instances, you’ll have to dismount and leap.
  • Vertical routes can be sped up by using the jetpack and the bionic arm.
  • You may easily miss a few of the ten checkpoints. Keep an eye out for the targets or use the map to locate them.

Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Tour Rewards

When you gather sufficient Pacemaker images, you might buy the accompanying things from the Occasion Shop. You’ll require 9,000 Pacemaker Symbols to purchase everything in the store. This should be easy to do given that you may race every hour and are guaranteed 500 emblems every race.

Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Tour 2022

Race Through Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Tour Event

Ride a horse in Mirroria tour event and compete for special rewards! The event runs from October 27 until November 9. Hurry up and get started! To participate in the event, you must sign up between 12:00 and 23:00, and it is accessible every hour, so you won’t miss out. The race starts following 10 minutes of great importance and endures 10 minutes. To finish the trip, you must pass through checkpoints and reach the destination.

  • Tour course: Mirafleur Lobby Resource The executives Community HOTTA Studio Branch of Science and Innovation Vera Tower of Fantasy Historical center.
  • Rewards: Contingent upon your tour rating, you will get various quantities of pacemaker insignias. It may then be redeemed for additional prizes in the Store, such as red nucleus.

You can only earn up to 1500 pacemaker emblems on the first day, and its capacity will only rise after reaching 05:00 (Server Time) on each of the subsequent days. During the event, the maximum amount of pacemaker emblems that may be obtained is 9000.

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