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FreeFire The website  We’ll look at the well-known Bangladeshi website Freefire jornal .com in this post. We’re looking at the IP address, creation date, traffic, estimated worth, and cost of the website. The second name for this passage is Freefirejornal, which is also its contracted name. Bangladeshis are also looking for the San Francisco, California, United States website or Freefirejornal.

Website for Free Fire

Free Fire routinely holds brand-new in-game events that provide gamers with new content, and on occasion, it even distributes free in-game characters and cosmetics. Another in-game option that many players ignore but which might be quite helpful for novice players to help acquire free in-game things is available. Filling out the journal’s pages is one way to do this.


Bangladeshi website Freefire

We’ll examine the well-known Bangladeshi website Freefire in this article. Aspects to consider include the IP address, date of inception, traffic, anticipated worth, and cost of the website. It goes by the moniker Freefirejornal, which is also how this post is shortened. The San Francisco, California-based website Freefire or Freefirejornal is also sought after in Bangladesh.

Location of Freefire and the entry’s server area are supported by the AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. in San Francisco, California. The articles regarding incentives that are published on this website are well-known. Despite this, we’ve found that a lot of people are looking for Freefirejornal on the internet in Bangladesh and around the rest of the world.

The AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. is responsible for serving Freefire and the entry’s server area in San Francisco, California, US. This website is renowned for its sprinkling of articles about compensation. In any event, we saw that Freefirejornal is a popular search term among online users worldwide, including those in India.

Traffic for Free Fire

The majority of traffic came from Free Fire, which was the most popular phrase or emerging search for such Freefirejornal. Free Fire is one of the most frequently used search phrases on Google, Bing, and other online search engines. By applying changing catchphrases, the gateway implies a significant number of clicks for this site. Many Indians have expressed interest in Free Fire


Revenue came from Free Fire

The estimated daily traffic for Freefire is 225 unique visitors and 225 pageviews. Freefire is estimated to be worth $2,920 USD. On average, each individual visitor visits 1 page. According to Alexa Traffic Rank, freefire is now ranked 160,432 globally.

Although the server for is in the United States, we are unable to tell which countries the visitors are from, making it hard to say whether their location may have an impact on how quickly a page loads. View a list of the other websites hosted by US-based Cloudflare, Inc.

freefire is indeed a suspicious domain

Our research indicates that freefire is indeed a suspicious domain. Using Google’s mobile-friendly test is not mobile or tablet friendly. By making your websites mobile-friendly, you may increase your page loading times while ensuring that your pages work properly on all devices.

Freefire jornal .com has a.COM top-level domain registration. Verify additional. COM-zone websites. Freefire jornal .com was found to have an active, current SSL certificate from CloudFlare, Inc. that expires on March 6, 2022.

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