How to Complete Free Fire MAX Call Back Event: Updated Today!

Free Fire MAX Call Back Event: We are all looking forward to receiving free gifts and diamonds at the Gerena Free Fire MAX Call Back Event. By dialing an inactive user from within the game, we can also gain cosmetic things from the boxes. Therefore, starting on October 23, players can invite people who haven’t opened free fire in the past 15 days.

We can send our friends Invite Links to finish the Call Back. Utilizing the tool for a Free Call Back is the second choice. Players must repeatedly enter their UID, choose a region, and click Submit in this tool.

Free Fire MAX Call Back Event: Call Back Event:

Free Fire MAX Call Back Event

The fresh Free Fire MAX Call Back Event has been added by Garena. Diamonds can be added to our account for free using this callback event. In Garena’s Battle Royale, the Free Fire event is highly intriguing since it gives players the chance to win a box that may total a volume of 19,999 diamonds.

The Free Fire MAX Call Back Event will begin on October 23, 2022, and last only through October 31, 2022. To receive their benefits, players may invite up to 7 friends. On November 31, 2022, all of these prizes will become inactive.

Free Fire MAX Call Back Event: How To Complete Call Back Event In Free Fire MAX:-

To complete the Friends Free Fire MAX Call Back Event, we must invite each of our friends who haven’t played this game in a month. We must first open Free Fire on the device of our choice, then we must wait for the opening loading screen to appear. See there is a friends icon in the upper right corner of the display.

After clicking it the new menu will appear. The base left and right halves of the screen contain the Call Back button. Tap it. A second menu will be offered, this one with four unique event prohibitions and special gift incentives. The list of our friends from social media will appear.

By selecting the invite option, we can share a link using any of our preferred social network handles. When friends sign up via a player’s link, the task completion rate increases and the player has the chance to win intriguing vouchers and rewards.

Step To Call Back Old Friends To Complete Free Fire Max Call Back Event:-

Free Fire MAX Call Back Event

Players can call back friends on Free Fire MAX by following the instructions listed below for a chance to win 19,999 diamonds:

• Users should open the battle royale game on the devices and go to the Events area as their first step.

• A Call Back Friends! the event can be found by tapping here on the Battle in Style event chapter and scrolling down.

• Subsequently, users can select the Call Back button on their screen. The option to re-invite inactive friends will appear in a dialogue box.

• Individuals can then select an Invite option and select a few of the options for sharing their invitation in the Fourth Step.

Free Fire MAX Call Back Event: Call Back Friends, Easy Method, And Guide:-

As of July 23, gamers can now invite other players who haven’t engaged in a free fire over the previous 15 days. To finish our callback, we can send our friends an invite link. Finding players who haven’t engaged in the free fire for the past two weeks, though, is difficult. In this instance, a tool is required for the callback event.

Utilizing the Free Fire MAX Call Back Event feature now makes a callback possible. We must repeatedly enter our UID, choose a region, and click Submit on this tool. To use this call back tool, we can complete two call backs each day. So we may now easily finish 10 call backs in 5 days.

FF MAX Call Back Event: Easy Method And Guide:-

• The Call Back Tool option is located above.

• To access the UID section, scroll below.

• Enter the UID and choose India as your region.

• After clicking “Submit,” give it 24 hours.

Also, don’t forget that opening game creations will get you diamonds. Rare item chances are 99 percent, whereas epic item chances are 1%. This means there is a 1% chance we may receive 19,000 diamonds.

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