Shadow of War Level Up Fast Tips & Tricks in 2022!

How can a player of Shadow of War level up fast in 2022? Middle Earth: Shadow of War is an exciting action adventure ride, where players have several tasks in the game with rewards and also XP from Shadow of War.

Now here let’s see some of the best tips and tricks to level up faster in Shadow of War, win easily and gain more and more XP through out GA guide.

Not alone getting XP and leveling quickly is important for Shadow of Orc, beating and killing the orc captain, getting more orcs are also equally important for this action game.

Shadow of War Level Up Fast – Tips to Level Up in Shadow of War

Shadow of War Level Up Fast

As already said there are several aspects to level up faster and progress well in Shadow of War game,

  • Play All the Quests and Missions from Shadow of War to Level up Faster and Also to Get More Xp in Return
  • Farming Orcs Once Again Brings out More Xp and Takes Your Game to Next Level, Also Finish All the Nemesis Challenges in Order to Level up Sooner and Get Over 2000 Xp Regularly
  • Get More and More Xp to Progress Well in Shadow of War, More the Xp Higher Your Level
  • Get All the Xp Double Bonus Bounties from The Shadow of War Stores to Level up Sooner, as Most of Them Prefer to Obtain the Xp Double Bonuses Regularly to Proceed Sooner in The Game
  • Get Xp Boosters and Farm More Xp
  • Explore and Hunt More Orcs from The Maps

More Tips to Level Up Fast in Shadow of War! 

Apart from the above mentioned tips, some of the other best tips to level up and progress well in Shadow of War can be done by

  • Accomplishing All the Nemesis and Vendetta Missions, Quests, and Challenges for Every Month in Shadow of War, as These Nemesis and Vendetta Challenges Can Easily Give You Over 20,000 XP and Exp Points Which Can Later Be Consumed to Level up Faster in The Game
  • Consume Wealth Gems and Get More XP Points to Level up Sooner
  • Farm Orcs, XP Booster, Conquer All the Outposts and Castles, Raid Throughout the Forts and Kill the Opponents Which Give More Xp Once Again
  • Finish All the Outpost Missions and Get More Gems, Armors, and XP

Apart from these never miss out on any updates or quests from Middle Earth Shadow of War as they give away more rewards and XP.

In short hustling more on the XP and EXP points of shadow of war will help to get away with more wins and automatically increase your level in the game too.

Shadow of War Level Up Fast

Also with more XP and higher level in shadow of war, players may also defeat the mighty boss and the orc captain of the game. So keep playing all the quests of shadow of war, finish all the nemesis missions, increase your XP count and also make sure to progress well in the game too.


How to easily level up in Shadow of War, how to get the orcs, how to get more XP and level up in Middle Earth Shadow of War, all the guide for the same has now been given here at GA.

That’s all about this guide and tips to level up fast in shadow of war from our Gaming Acharya end, stay tuned for more shadow of war related articles and guide here.

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