Shadow of War How to Resurrect Captains in 2022

Players in Middle-earth: Shadow of War may be devastated when their favorite orc leader perishes on the battlefield, but death may be avoided with the appropriate improvements.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Middle-earth: Shadow of War is the wonderful ensemble of orcs (some of whom are voiced by well-known celebrities) that Talion is able to assemble for his army. Death is constantly around the corner in Mordor, and an orc you know and love may end up on the wrong side of a spear or axe. Fortunately, there is a technique to assist your orc commanders in their recovery from death. However, there is a significant price to pay.

Shadow of War How to Resurrect Captains

How to Resurrect Captains Shadow of War

Orcs that die in the battlefield in Middle-earth: Shadow of War can resurrect in two ways. The first method is rather random, and players have little control over it. Orcs who perish at Talion’s or someone else’s hands have an opportunity to resurface and share a short tale about how they narrowly avoided death. Keep in mind that this appears to be impossible if the orc was beheaded.

If the orc is Talion’s nemesis and is several levels higher than Talion, the chances of this first form of resurrection appear to be boosted. However, there is no exact equation for determining this procedure.

The second, and far more reliable, technique contains some significant spoilers. We recommend that you stop reading here if you wish to avoid spoilers and haven’t finished Act 3 of Shadow of War.

Using the Raise Grave ability with the Undying Loyalty improvement is the most reliable way to bring your orc captains back from the dead. At the end of Act 3, Talion experiences a profound transformation (which we won’t reveal in case someone gets past the spoiler warning) and gains access to a previously inaccessible power to Raise Dead. This grants him the ability to revive slain Uruks on the battlefield, who become devoted to him as soon as they rise from the grave.

How to Resurrect Captains Shadow of War

Adding the Undying Loyalty improvement to this talent is what gives Talion the ability to bring back fallen captains. Players may resurrect them by using Raise Dead near them in combat or by going to the Army menu and resurrecting them from there.

The caveat is that revived captains are five levels lower than they were before, can no longer advance in ranks, and are subject to flames. This implies that players should generally only use the ability on their most valuable allies, otherwise their roster will rapidly fill up with orcs who can’t level up.

How to Resurrect Captains Shadow of War

FAQs Regarding How to Resurrect Captains Shadow of War

Q. Why can’t I resuscitate captains in the midst of a battle?

Ans: You can’t resuscitate them if they died in a way that rendered their body unrecoverable, such as having their head severed and placed on a spike. This. He was, as I recall, beheaded.

Q. When is it possible to revive commanders in the midst of a war?

Ans: This works for grunts, however after passing through the rounds and beating a Champion in Minas Morgul’s combat pits, players acquire an Undying Loyalty upgrade. This enables them to raise fallen orc leaders from within the game or through the Army roster screen.

Q. Do captains respawn in the midst of battle?

Ans: When I was playing Shadow of Mordor, the captains routinely respawned with scars after being slain, but as the game progressed, this happened less and less, until they never respawned unless I purposely let them kill me over and over again.

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